Blissful High: Learn How To Use Your Vaporizer For Maximum Impact


Cannabis has been used to treat several ailments and ease the pain of chronic diseases. Research backs it up that those who suffer from this impending pain can take the help of cannabis and reap the benefits. Not only this, but cannabis can also help immensely in case of any mental health issues. It helps with depression, and in case there is any post-traumatic stress, and people often use it for relieving social anxiety. Did you know that you get a blissful high by tweaking the temperature of your vaporizer? Using a vaporizer can be different than lighting up the smoke. Let us have a look at how changing the temperature of the vaporizer can improve your experience.

How Does Change of Temperature Affect Your High

There are multiple ways of changing the temperature of your vaporizer. At temperature which is as low as 290 to 330 °F, the vaporizer melts trichomes and releases a vapor that is not necessarily visible to the naked eyes. This gives the result of gentle steam which, in turn, provides a mild cannabis therapy. On the contrary, when the temperature is large, up to 445°F, the vaporizer quickly melts trichomes. Along with it, it also releases other molecules. This gives you a high which is more impactful, and you would also be able to see the vapors. Each substance of the herb has a different melting point which also affects the high you get out of it. If you do not wish to have a significant potent and only want to experience a light high, then opt for lower temperature.

Vaporization at Low Temperature (290 to 330°F)

Vaporization at a low temperature will cause a mild feeling. The entire experience you get will not be that sedative, and you are likely to get pine and peppery flavors. When you keep the temperature at this range, you will experience THC and CBD. It is also the right way of relieving stress, maintaining your focus and getting rid of mild anxiety. People often take it while doing important tasks which need a lot of attention. You should always have a good vaporizer handy to benefit the most from your herbs. Getting a high-quality Puffco Peak is an excellent way to go.

Vaporization at Moderate Temperature (330 to 370°F)

With this temperature range, you can get a significant psychoactive experience. If you do not want to get high completely but would like to experience it in a mild way, then this temperature is ideal. Those who consume cannabis on a regular basis can use this temperature range. However, you should have adequate tolerance for the same.

Vaporization at High Temperature (370 to 445°F)

Want to make the most of your high? Opt for this temperature as it will give you a euphoric high along with significant pain relief. The sedation will also be definite. At this range of temperature, you are bound to get the classic high which is expected. Consumers often seek this for a recreational purpose. If you are looking for a vaporizer with good quality, then pax 3 in UK can be a good option. Thus, you can have a blissful experience when the temperature is set right.

At a lower temperature, you will experience a high which is just enough. When the temperature is moderate, you experience a high that is distinct and yet not too much. This is perfect for helping you get through tough tasks. When the temperature is too high, that is when you can experience a euphoric high. This is ideal for pain relief. Over the years, herbs have been used for various purposes, and it certainly makes you more focused on any task. Those who have pain related to chronic diseases can also reap its benefits. Moreover, people who have depression can benefit from herbs as it suppresses stress and anxiety.


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