Unique Ways To Make Mirrors Compliment Your Decor


Like the furniture and centerpieces are used to highlight the better elements of your interior decor, mirrors, when used wisely, can do wonders for your home. From small mirrors to the full-length ones, knowledge of the right spots and some creative mirror placement techniques will make the task easier than ever. Since our house decor reflects our style and personality, here’s how you can beautify your residence and set some major decor goals.

The mirror gallery

Creating a gallery with mirrors shaped and sized differently is a brilliant idea to give an enlarged room illusion along with some chic mirror use ideas to everyone visiting your home. While the wall looks decorated, the different shapes keep the viewer looped in his view for a while.

The tri-fold game

Used mostly for bathroom decor, the tri-fold mirror idea is a fabulous trick to provide more mirror space and enjoy reflection from almost every angle. If yours is a contemporary bathroom setting, then the tri-fold mirror will certainly do justice to the whole room decor.

Leave no room mirror-free

From bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and the living space, let the mirrors reflect your personality in traces all over the home. Keeping the room’s available space and colour scheme in mind, choose the size and shape of the bathroom mirrors in Sydney.

Colour and mirrors look great together

That’s an absolute truth. If you have an accent wall in your room, then mirrors can be used for highlighting it even better. You can use the mirror’s placement to reflect the electric shade, or you can accentuate the wall’s beauty by making it the mirror wall. Both ways, it’s a win-win. From small mirrors to tiled accent walls, let the mirrors do the talking and give your home an elegant look which is refreshing and unique.

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