Types of Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam


Are you ready to travel all the way to Amsterdam? If you are, then you should have chosen the right accommodation for you and even for your group. But what if you haven’t picked out a place yet? You don’t have to fret. This article will tell you the best hotels and even hostels in Amsterdam.

Hotel Amigo

Cheap accommodation Amsterdam means Hotel Amigo. It combines the basic features of hostel and hotel. This means that excellent facilities are for you to use, not to mention the fact that you are going to pay lesser than when you decide to stay in a hotel. Hotel Amigo is also found at the heart of Amsterdam, which means you’re very close to all shopping and business districts. What’s more, all of the best attractions the country can offer are just within walking distance. These can include the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Maritime Museum, Museum of Tropics, Botanical Garden, Heineken Brewery, and even the Waterloo Square. The ever-famous flea market, where you can discover various interesting finds that you can bring home as souvenirs, are also accessible to you.

Hotel Amigo is also perfect for businesspersons and young travelers. Pubs and discos are also within the corner, and thus, you will never have a problem when you want to unwind. However, young adults may find the price of Hotel Amigo a little bit more expensive than going for Amsterdam youth hostels.

More than the facilities, however, Hotel Amigo is renowned for their multilingual staff, which makes your stay even more comfortable. They can also provide you with excellent and unique tour packages, including bicycle tours and country trips.

Bobs Youth Hostel

There are many cheap hotels in Amsterdam, but Bobs Youth Hostel is the perfect fit for young backpackers. It all started twenty-five years ago when Bob dreamt of someday building as well as running his own hostel. This will be a place where all the young individuals can converge and sleep. They can rent a room even if they don’t have much money to spare for accommodation.

Bobs Youth Hostel, which is also a group hostel Amsterdam, is composed of 150 beds. They are divided to mixed dorms, which means both boys and girls can sleep together in one room. This is excellent if you’re a co-ed crowd. However, if you are all girls, you may want to take advantage of a separate exclusive girls’ dorm. Definitely, the guys wouldn’t appreciate too much chatter coming from the girls. Moreover, there are also bathrooms and even free breakfast.

You have to take note, though, of limitations. Bobs Youth Hostel can only accept travelers who are at least 18 years of age. If you have a friend or a family member who is younger than that, you may want to look for someplace else, perhaps Hotel Amigo. Furthermore, the hostel accepts cash only—no credit cards and checks. Don’t forget to bring some euros with you when you decide to stay in Bobs Youth Hostel.

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