Truths You Need To Know About Vaping Safer Than Smoking


A vaping device is also known as an e-cigarette or an electronic cigarette. It is used to give the experience of smoking a cigarette to the user. The use of e-cigarettes is known as vaping. Since this system has only been around people for a few years, a majority of the people do not know about vaping. A vaping device is called as ENDS. It stands for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System. The device has the electronic juices which the device heats until it is vapor which the user inhales. The devices are powered by batteries. Cotton is stuffed into the coils and the liquid (also known as e-liquid) is applied on the cotton. The coil heats up giving the user the smoke. The user then inhales the smoke giving the feel of smoking a cigarette.

Vape juice, also known as e-juice is a mix of water, nicotine, flavor, and vegetable glycerine. The vape juice has many flavors which can be used according to the taste of the user. People also started using marijuana vape juice for vaping nowadays. Marijuana vape juice is also known as THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) vape juice. It is the same thing as normal vape juice. It also has concentrated THC content to make it marijuana vape juice. Since you will be smoking concentrated THC, it will simulate the same feeling when you smoke a high THC strain. The common effects of THC vape juice will be

  • Time distortion
  • Receptivity to stimuli
  • Drowsiness

Canavape is the leading producer of vape juice in the UK. They sell high-quality e-liquids to everyone who uses electronic cigarettes. Canavape in UK is the best option for you to get the best deals in vape juices. Both smoking and vaping will definitely create health issues for the user. The main danger will be respiratory hazards which are released due to combustion and not due to the tobacco. The combustion creates the smoke which enters the lungs and becomes the root of all the diseases. Electronic cigarettes are just alternatives which are used to reduce the addiction to such high amounts of nicotine intake. The basic differences between smoking and vaping are the chemicals used in them. Cigarettes have so many chemicals which are very dangerous to your health such as Nicotine, Hydrogen Cyanide, Lead, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, and many more chemicals which are very dangerous to your life.

Most of the chemicals mentioned above have high risks of causing major diseases such as cancer, lung disease and many more. The chemicals are not found in the making of the cigarette. They are formed when the combustion of the tobacco leaf occurs which creates some with all cancer-causing chemicals. Vaping as mentioned above has Nicotine, Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Acetaldehyde, Nitrosamines as their chemicals. Any other chemicals which might be found in the device are basically the flavors which have been used to increase the essence of the weed smoke. However, these flavors are designed to be ingested and not vaporized. This makes vaping unhealthy.

A few facts about Vaping are given below:

  • Vaping is tobacco-free and completely free from any odor.
  • The chemicals and toxins used in e-cigarettes are very less when compared to the cigarettes in general.
  • Vaping is not so addictive when compared to smoking.  
  • Most of the users tend to feel fit when they switch to vaping from smoking.

When compared to smoking, vaping is said to have a considerably lesser effect on the health of a person. They have lesser chemicals and hence lesser risk. The cost is another major reason why people choose smoking over vaping. The cost of getting a cigarette is much lesser when compared to the initial cost of getting a vaping machine. Vaping is definitely safe when compared to smoking. While vaping is safer than smoking, it is not completely harmless. If you are a person who is trying to quit smoking, vaping might be a beneficial option for you. But the long term effects of vaping are dangerous.  

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