Traditional men wedding dresses from all around the globe you didn’t know about


While many men feel themselves to be unfortunate to have limited dressing options as compared to women, the wedding affairs work as cherry on the top in many cases. Just like every bride does not opt for ivory or white coloured wedding gown, not every groom wears a tuxedo! If you look at the vast cultures all the world you will realize that every community has a different beliefs which leads to different wedding attires. While black tuxedos may look charming, here is a list of traditional men wedding attires where black tuxedos have no role to play.

1. Hakama

Japanese traditional wedding adorns kimonos worn by both the bride and the groom. Hakama- the pleated trouser and Haori- the jacket completes the groom’s look for the big day.

2. Kilts

Scottish weddings are famous all over for their ceremonies and also for the men’s wedding wear. The scottish grooms wear gorgeous kilts, which are typically knee length skirts with a fabric and colour which symbolises their clan. They complete their ensemble with a white shirt, jacket and tie and we can’t forget the sporran here! Soon after the wedding ceremony, by wearing a shawl resembling the groom’s kilt, the bride embraces her new family.

3. Wedding sherwanis

Indian culture and traditions are one of the oldest and most intriguing in the world and same is the case with Indian weddings. While the bride adorns a red coloured lehenga symbolising prosperity, fertility and good luck, the groom looks dashing in a mens wedding sherwani. The colour combination is generally cream and red or cream and red respectively, but the modern grooms like to experiment with colours these days, keeping the traditions intact.

4. Fila Abeti Aja

Moving on to Nigerian grooms, their tradition includes wearing a gele around their head and the attire is known as Fila Abeti Aja. Also, the bride and the groom wear colour coordinated clothes which makes the couple look quite charming.

5. Hanbok

Korean wedding traditions are very unique, and so is their wedding ensemble for both the bride the groom. The couple wears a beautiful wedding dress known as the Hanbok but the way it is styled for both of them respectively makes all the difference. While the bride wears a gorgeous skirt and a short jacket, the groom wears a jacket called Durmagi with Baji, which are loose pants.

6. Mul Anduma

If you are somehow wondering how does Sri Lankan grooms dress up for the big day, then here is all the information. They wear a gorgeous 4- cornered hat with a royal shade velvet jacket which gives the feel of a true King and the complete the look with Mul Anduma which is similar to the dhoti which is worn by Hindu priests in India or even substituted as wedding sherwani for men.

7. Ponchos and capes

When it comes to Peruvian weddings, then headdresses play significant roles. Men wear gorgeous headdresses which are paired with ponchos, capes or cloaks for a proper traditional attire. Even women wear ponchos and capes which help them coordinate their dresses for the big day.

8. Deel

Mongolian to-be married couples have been wearing Deel for centuries which has been an important part of their tradition. The groom wears a specially curated and preserved which is worn only on weddings and important holidays making it a symbolic piece of clothing.

While the whole world gushes about the beautiful brides of different countries and traditions, we bring forward a post which celebrates the mens wedding attires. Feel free to share with your friends and spread the word!

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