Top Features To Look For When Opting For A Plunge Pool

Plunge Pool

Space is a significant constraint of every household, which forces homeowners to compromise on a lot of aspects. Some miss out on the backyards, while others compromise on their dream garden. While we can’t help you in making all your dreams come true, but we can surely help you with ideas of the pool within a restricted place. Have you ever heard of plunge pools? A concrete plunge pool in Perth is a heaven for those who want to spend some time in the cool serenity, relaxing, wading, lounging, or just chilling after a long day. Let us look at some of the top features of a plunge pool and why it is gaining so much popularity.

Top Features Of A Plunge Pool

Temperature control

One of the best features of a plunge pool is the extremely dependable temperature control system. So, even during the unexpected temperature changes caused by a change in season, you can relax in it. Cold plunge pool characteristically should maintain water temperatures at 50° F (10°c). And for the best relaxation, hot plunges water temperature is generally up to 104°F (40°c). Most of the plunge pools have an inbuilt electric or gas heater, which helps you control the temperature comfortably.

Loads of design available

You will plunge pools in a wide range of shapes and designs. They can not only help you to relax, but most of them are configured to meet treatment needs too. Since they are available in a variety of sizes also, you can easily install them in any location of your choice, either inside or outside your home. Because of this feature of plunge pools, they are a preferred choice of athletic training centers and fitness facilities. As a homeowner, you can install them in-ground, above-ground, or partially above ground – state your need, and the provider will be more than happy to look into it.

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is one critical aspect to look for when purchasing a plunge pool because cleaning the ones that do not drain completely can be a nightmare. Though most of the pools have the option of the bottom drain when purchasing lookout for the fiberglass plunge pools, you can easily wipe off any remaining water with a clean cloth. Moreover, because of the smooth surface, algae cannot easily adhere to these walls.

Save water

Compared to traditional pools, plunge pools use 80 percent less water. Additionally, the pumps used in these contemporary pools are comparatively more compact, and thus uses up to 80 percent less energy. Furthermore, instead of packets of chlorine, the small pool needs saltwater chlorinator for cleaning, which offers not only offers you with cleaner water but also has therapeutic benefits.

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