Top Driftsun Coolers & Ice Chests Models Review


Getting a cooler to last longer than the ice melting within sounds almost too good to be true. And while there a many cooler models to choose from, not all can do what the top brands can. One model that seems to be the best contender is the Driftsun cooler.

But if you’re a dedicated Yeti cooler fan or someone who doesn’t know what Driftsun has to offer over other trendy models, then it never hurts to indulge in what the Driftsun cooler can do for you. So let’s dig in!

What is a Driftsun Cooler?

When you think about affordable coolers you might imagine those flimsy Styrofoam ones from the store or those cheap plastic knockoffs. Well, you’re in for a real treat. The Driftsun cooler is neither of those!

The Driftsun brand is an affordable cooler that is looking to challenge other premium coolers currently on the market. And while it is a new brand of cooler, it does have a lot of sweet features you’ll be sure to love.

And outside of holding a truckload of drinks and keeping your food cool, this cooler has plenty of other perks that make it a worthwhile buy. 

The Benefits of Having a Driftsun Cooler for All of Your Outdoor Events

If you’re on the market for a cooler and don’t have the patience or budget to get a Yeti, or some other overpriced brand, then the Driftsun is a great solution for you. These coolers can provide you with all of the following perks:

  • Roto-molding Design

    A single piece assembly that minimizes many design flaws seen in cheaper models. The roto-molding design provides consistent walls and prevents any cold air from escaping out of the cooler. 
  • Cup Holders

    Some models of Driftsun coolers come with four built-in cup holders. And if you want additional cup holder attachments, they can be bought separately and easily attached to the sides of most models.
  • Freezer Gasket

    Driftsun coolers utilize a 360-degree ThermaLock freezer-style gasket. This means all area around the lid is covered in a material similar to refrigerators and freezers. This helps to keep cool air in and hot air out of the cooler by minimizing the gap between the lid and the rest of the cooler.
  • No-Leak Drain Plug

    It helps keep your icy water in and all the hot air out. Most Driftsun models have a no-leak drain plug that is easily removed when you need to drain the cooler between uses.
  • Durability

    These coolers have exterior UV protection, military-grade nylon rope handles, tie-down slots, rubberized non-skid feet, and heavy-duty T-bands. Large Driftsun cooler models also include durable wheels for ease of mobility. These coolers also have a latch feature that helps ensure the lid is shut tightly between uses.
  • Insulation

    All Driftsun cooler models include 2 inches to 3 inches thick walls made of high-quality commercial grade insulation. This makes the walls hard enough to keep frozen items cool for longer periods without losing cold air.
  • Size Range

    Unlike other cooler models on the market, Driftsun coolers offer a wide range of sizes. The sizes that are currently offered are a 20-quart, 25-quart, 40-quart, 60-quart, 70-quart, 75-quart, 85-quart, and a 110-quart cooler.
  • Price

    Many Driftsun cooler models offer all the features of a premium cooler without having to pay the expensive price. Most Driftsun coolers are affordable with only the largest models being pricey.
  • Ice Life

    These handy ice chests are capable of keeping your ice and other items cool for 4 to 5 days without any problems.
  • Warranty

    All Driftsun coolers come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty and great customer service.
  • Simplicity in Color Selection

    While it may seem like a drawback, having a small color selection to choose from can also make it easier to focus on more important features. Colors that are currently available are white, tan, and hot pink.

So, with these glorious benefits in mind, it is time to hit the few pain points of this particular cooler brand.

Drawbacks of a Driftsun Cooler

While the Driftsun cooler can tackle hot weather like any other premium cooler, it still has it’s limitations. Driftsun coolers are still new to the game so there are some rough patches the company is working through. Some models have leakage or color limitations, but other than that Driftsun coolers can do what you need them to do.

Driftsun vs. Yeti: Which is the Better Choice?

In the world of all things cool and cooler, many jump on the Yeti bandwagon without ever realizing what their competitors have to offer. And in the case of Driftsun, there are a couple features a Driftsun cooler has that a Yeti cooler doesn’t. One nice feature that is so simple but necessary is cup holders.

That’s right, and on top of those handy cup holders, Driftsun coolers also trump over Yeti coolers by not costing you an arm and a leg. But there are many benefits of a Yeti cooler too. While cup holders and ease of ordering are great perks, Driftsun coolers still have a ways to go in other areas.

Yeti coolers will always dominate when it comes to accessories, color selection, and minimal design flaws. Yeti also has a stronger reputation out of all premium cooler models.

Either way, you’ll get a cooler that can do a wonderful job keeping things cool. But if branding is what you really want, then the Yeti is your go-to cooler. If you’re up to trying something new without breaking the bank, then Driftsun coolers will work for you just fine.

Driftsun Coolers: Helping You Beat the Heat with Every Cool Drink

Picking a cooler that will last is a lot easier than it seems. And with the Driftsun cooler series, you’re in good hands. These coolers go above and beyond for a brand-new product. And while you might not get one in your favorite color, you’ll always have a cool drink and snack waiting for you the moment you open the lid. 

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