Top Do’s And Don’ts For Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Household chores can be annoying, especially during the weekends. You don’t want to spend your leisure time cleaning the windows – but what needs to be done, needs to be done. Cleaning the windows is a relatively straightforward task, but you don’t want to invest your time and energy to get mediocre results. 

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a time-consuming task. It can damage your property if not done correctly and prove to be dangerous for your safety (depending upon the layout of your house). Proper cleaning of your windows will not only make your home shine brighter but will also be beneficial for the long run, increasing their life. Improper or no cleaning might lead to insects, algae, dirty glass, etc. 

Why is Window Cleaning Necessary?

Your windows are exposed to multiple elements all the time – snow, rain, sun rays, etc. Glass is porous in nature – dust and dirt tend to leave stains with time and get embedded in the glass if not cleaned for long. Remedies for such problems are costly and take more time. Hiring a professional window cleaner in Bournemouth is your last resort to get you out of trouble from such issues. Follow these do’s and don’ts to clean your windows like a pro and to make sure that bad situations do not occur. 

  • Safety First – If you’re using a ladder, make sure you are safe. Ladders are used to reach greater heights and hard to reach places. Place the ladder carefully on a steady surface so that it rests appropriately or make a friend hold it still. Keep in mind that you are no superman or spiderman and can escape accidents – BE SAFE AND CLEAN SAFE. 
  • Clean your windows regularly – Regular cleaning of windows will maintain the look and feel of your house for long-term, saving a lot of money. If you’re about to sell your house, clean windows will always be an add-on to the house’s value. For example, if a potential buyer visits all of a sudden, he’ll surely not like the look of dirty windows and will probably refuse to make an offer. But if the windows are clean, the buyer is likely to make an offer higher than the expected price. 
  • Clean the insides – Some people think that window cleaning poole is always about cleaning the outside. But for a complete look, it is wise to do the interiors as well. 
  • Clean on a cloudy day – Cleaning your windows on a sunny day won’t deliver proper results, and you don’t want your efforts not to yield good results. Sun tends to dry the soap quickly, increasing the chances of water spots. Cleaning on a cloudy day results in clearer window panes. 
  • Don’t clean all your windows in one go – If you have a big house or your house has multiple floors with a lot of windows, it is a good idea to clean the windows over 2-3 days. This is because if you decide to clean all the windows by yourself – it can take a whole day, increasing the chances of tiredness and accidents. Remember that you’re not a professional. 
  • Protect your hands – Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from harmful chemicals present in window cleaning products available in the market. Such compounds can cause allergies and irritation in the hands if exposed for longer durations. 
  • Clean your windows in the end – Window cleaning is like the ‘finishing-touch’. If you have other maintenance or renovation activities going on, finish them first and clean the windows in the end. If you clean the windows before other maintenance works; the dust will stick to the windows, making all your effort ‘ZERO’. 

Final Words

Window cleaning is a chore that should not be neglected and done in the best possible way. Windows are a part of your house, and your house is your most significant investment. These tips will surely help you in getting the best results out of your ‘window-cleaning’ efforts. 

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