Tips To Help With Exercise Induced Migraine


The constant throbbing pain in one part of your head, leading to irritation, pain, fatigue, nausea and a long list of discomforts, might actually be getting aggravated by your exercise regime. With no clarity, as of now, regarding the source of these painful bursts, there are numerous factors that can cause these long lasting headaches. While exercise is usually recommended by every medical expert to make your health better, if you’re a patient of migraine, it might actually be making things worse for you. Although, there is no clear evidence that it might be the sole reason for your migraine, but in a study conducted by Hille Koppen and Peter LJ van Veldhoven, 38% of the focus group participants suffered from migraine because of exercise and workout.

Exercise Induced Migraine

There is no clear reason why this happened. But it was understood that jerky movements and actions of the body can cause your migraine to trigger. Exercise is considered to be a stress buster and stress is considered to be one of the many causes of migraine. So how do you deal with not being able to exercise and yet relieve yourself of stress? There could be a couple of underlying factors which, coupled with exercise, may be causing your migraine to shoot up. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind and try out next time you want to exercise but not be welcomed by a migraine after you’re done with your cardio.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the many factors that could be triggering your migraine and making it worse. Dehydration accompanied by more loss of fluids during exercise can cause some really bad migraine attacks. Ensure that you’re drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated before and after your exercise. Check your urine to know whether you’re drinking enough water. If it’s light yellow or colourless, that means you’re hydrated and if it’s consistently dark yellow, that means you’re extremely dehydrated. So next time you’re planning to work out, keep sipping on water throughout the day to hydrate your body before you get down to your exercise.

Visit a Chiropractor

A visit to a chiropractor for migraines can help you identify whether there is some specific alignment problem that gets aggravated due to a particular exercise, which may be a trigger point for your migraine. Chiropractors can analyse your spine to see if there is some exercise stressing your spine which may also be causing your exercise induced migraine. In case there is a specific exercise that may be causing your migraines, a chiropractic treatment might be helpful in reducing pain and your doctor will also be able to suggest you some alternate exercises that may not trigger your migraines.

Eating Habits

Make sure you are not exercising on an empty stomach. If your idea of an exercise is to wake up in the morning and hit the gym, without providing your body with any energy or sugar to take the stress of a workout, then you’re doing it wrong! Make sure you’re eating some energy giving foods at least two hours before your workout so that your body has enough time to digest the food and release energy by the time you hit the gym.

New Exercises

Every body type is different and takes its own time to adjust to new habits. Similarly, you need to give your body, time to get ready and used to new exercises. Diving rigidly into a new exercise might cause your migraine to act up. So take it easy with a new exercise and if it still doesn’t suit your body, then switch to a new one.


Since there is no single source of reason for migraine in medical science, you need to assume what could be the reason and try different things. But don’t give your migraine a chance to act up due to reasons which are easily avoidable, like poor dietary habits, dehydration, excessive exercises, poor spine alignment etc. Try to identify the reasons of your migraine early on, before it gets worse and affects your quality of life.


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