Tips For Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes


We all want that Hollywood smile. A set of gleaming white teeth to impress anyone and everyone! Despite us Brits having an unfortunate stereotype surrounding our dental care and crooked smiles, it’s Great Britain that is investing in their health like never before. The A-Lister smile is one that can turn heads and give you the confidence to excel, whether it’s gaining that promotion or impressing on the first date. Surgery can work wonders when searching for that dazzling smile, but if you’re a little out of pocket (and let’s face it, we all are this time of year) then there are some simple tricks you can try.

Strong Growth of Enamel

Cheeseboards have long been a staple and valid desert, but why? Cheese helps prevent tooth decay and encourages the strong growth of enamel just like your toothbrush. It’s the tastiest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy! One person who has been searching for a winning smile turned towards this fairly unlikely product and as you can see from she isn’t one for cosmetics surgery. Simple, natural solutions are the way forward and if it happens to be mature cheddar, then that’s fine by us!

Whiter Teeth

Putting your best face forward can give you the illusion of whiter teeth. For example, an application of red lipstick as well as tanned skin (without heading out in those harmful rays, of course) has an instant effect. Just a slight brush of blusher and lips that pop is all you need for the illusion of a winning smile.


How often do you change your toothbrush? Probably not often enough. To avoid bacteria, you need to be changing your toothbrush (or electric heads) at least every two months.
You also might be in need of a change of scenery in terms of your brushing technique. Handle your teeth with care by brushing in gentle circular motions and don’t forget the floss too. Flossing can be underrated but research has shown this is something that should be done as much as brushing.

Health From Teeth

Ever get that squeaky clean feeling after finishing a delicious apple? Crunchy fruits and vegetables actively help to remove those pesky stains and bacteria. The healthy natural way of improving your health from teeth to toes. Surgery and technology are so widely available, we can straighten out those kinks and have your gnashers sparkling in no time, but this costs money and there are the underlining risks surgery can hold. If you’re super conscious about your teeth, it’s worth spending that little time and effort trying out these methods to see what works for you before taking a deeper, more serious plunge into the teeth-whitening world. You might find a whitening toothpaste out there that does the job or a natural guilt-free option too.


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