Your kid’s christening is a special day that marks his/her new birth and a new identity. Celebrated with loved ones you can create a memorable and intimate christening ceremony. The ceremony that takes place after the christening function is an awesome opportunity for everyone you love to gather and celebrate your child’s first experience with the Christian faith – and take some great pics!

In this article, we have listed a few things that should be kept in mind to toss an unforgettable christening ceremony.

  1. VENUE – The look and the ambience of the venue you intend to host the christening ceremony at will play a significant role in the event. Choosing between Salon parties for a christening and your home is a pretty straightforward task. According to your budget and the number of guests, choose an apt location that is not far from the church.
  2. DECORATION – Decoration for Christening, could be either with balloons, frills, fabrics, and so on. An imperative component is having floral designs for a christening, alongside little statuettes of newborn children. This can give a unique touch to the stylistic layout.
  3. CAPTURING THE MOMENT – It is recommended that you hire a professional photographer and videographer for the christening ceremony to capture all the special moments of your kid’s birth. The expert photographers at Faure Valletta Photography make sure that they provide you with expert christening videography services in Sydney after all the effort you have put in the event is well worth to document these memories for years to come.
  4. FOOD – it is advisable that you prepare the food yourself at your home, for the food will be prepared in a brief span and can be served cold.

However, if you choose to pick a cooking service for your christening party, try to have separate menus for kids and adults. In the meantime, having a drink booth for both adults and kids is also recommended.

Ohh – and don’t forget the kids of cause !

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