This Is How to Show Proof of Income for an Apartment


Are you struggling to prove your income on apartment applications? Look no further.

Applying for apartments can be both an exciting and stressful process. Whenever you apply for one, the owner will want to see what your income looks like, so they know if you’ll be a good renter.

Many people find it difficult to produce proof of income documents, but you have several options to choose from. Some documents will show your income over an entire year whereas others will show short-term income.

Proof of Income For Apartment

Pay Stubs

When it comes to showing proof of income for renting, a pay stub is one of the best documents you can use. Pay stubs outline your income by showing how much you’ve earned and how much was deducted. If you have something like a retirement plan, the money that goes to that will show on the pay stub.

These make for effective proof of income documents because they’re provided often. Most employers give employees a pay stub each time they’re paid. This prevents you from having to find another type of recent document when renting an apartment.

If you’re self-employed, you can make pay stubs by using sample templates. After making the stub, you can print it out and use it as legal proof of income. Click here to learn more about making pay stubs.

Bank Statements

Although a pay stub is provided by an employer, you can print out bank statements at any time. Bank statements will show everything that’s gone through your account. Both your income and payments are shown, so an apartment owner can see what your spending habits are like before giving you a lease.

To get a bank statement, you can log into your bank account and print it from there. When printing a bank statement, you can choose the timeframe in which you’d like to show. Many banks will also send out automatic bank statements each month that can be accessed from the website or email.

Tax Returns

When providing proof of income for rental applications, many people will use their tax returns. These are given each year after you’ve filed your taxes. Similar to a pay stub, they show how much you’ve earned and paid in taxes.

The only downside to using a tax return for a rental application is that it only shows information from the past year. If you’re several months into a new year, you should look for another option. However, a tax return will be effective during the first quarter of the year.

Start Preparing Proof of Income Documents Today

After reading this article, you now know of several documents that you can use to prove your income. Understanding how to show proof of income will make the entire application process easier because all owners will want to see it.

We encourage you to start making pay stubs if your employer doesn’t provide them. Try to make them every month so that you have consistent proof of income for whenever you apply for an apartment.

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