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Fragrance is something I seem to neglect a little on my shelves, so when I was contacted by The Fragrance Shop to review their Summer Discovery Club box, I jumped at the chance.The boxes come with seven samples of various scents and £40 worth of vouchers to spend on the regular size bottles of the samples you’ve enjoyed. The samples are the small vials too which means you can try the scents out more than once and get a much better idea of them than you can from one of those little foil-topped pads you get in magazines.

Each box costs just £5 each (or £20 a year) which means you can claim back the price when you use a voucher. Also, if you don’t like any of the scents enough to buy the whole bottle, £5 doesn’t feel like you’re breaking the bank. The box itself is a good sturdy box too that could be reused and re-purposed in 100s of ways around the house. I don’t know about you but I’m always in need of more storage! But, what did I get in this wonderous box? Here’s a run down of the scents and my ponderings on them.

Prada Candy Florale EDT

This is the latest scent from Prada following in the light floral footsteps of their fragrance Candy. I’d probably use this more during the day as it’s light and easy to wear with floral and sweet notes, without being too sickly. I often don’t like sweet perfumes as they can be a little too ‘young’ for me, but this one is balanced well and certainly something that I would wear.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold! EDT

This new scent from Paco Rabanne is said to be ‘flirtatious, eccentric and more mischievous than ever.’ Bringing in the idea of cocktails, Eau My Gold! is fruity with distinct scents of mango and citrus that have been rounded with hints of musk and woody notes. This is certainly a day to night scent for me and something that I wouldn’t normally have gone for if I had just read the blurb about the scent, but I really like it.

Agent Provocateur Fatale EDP

Agent Provocateur describes this scent as ‘luxurious and seductive’ I’d call it ‘a good evening scent that’s not too heavy.’ Some perfumes are just too heavy and too ‘old’ for some people, but I think this one has a great balance and would be suitable for anyone of any age off on a night out. There’s a touch of patchouli, but not so much that you smell like an incense stick!

Givenchy Dahlis Divin EDP

A more floral offering comes in the form of the new Givenchy eau de parfum Dahlia Divin. This is a nice light, scent with a clean fresh top note anchored by woody undertones. I’d like to use this in the colder months as a little splash of Summer on my skin to lift my mood.

Ghost Eclipse EDT

If you can imagine the scent of a florist’s shop mixed with a tropical fruit salad, you’re almost there with the scent of this perfume. The musk base takes away any sickly oversweet elements that a blend like this could have had, leaving a really nice fruity scent that doesn’t smell like you’ve rubbed yourself with bubblegum.

Lacoste Live EDT

I have to say I hate this whole men’s and women’s scents thing, surely if you like the smell you should just wear it? Anyhoo, this is the first of two “men’s” scents and it’s a good citrus number with an undertone of spice. Just as a lot of women’s scents can be overly floral and soapy, I think men’s scents can often be overpowered with spice and heavy tones that make your eyes water. This is balanced well and would work for day and evening, which I find isn’t as common for men.

Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense EDT

At first I found this a little too ‘alcohol-y’ but once it had settled on the skin the notes of the scent come through. This is more of a ‘traditional’ male scent, spice, patchouli and mandarin mix together to produce a strong, but not overpowering, blend. This could be a little too old for younger men, or possibly one that they would use for ‘suit occasions’ like weddings. There’s still time to sniff these for yourself by heading over to the Discovery Club website. You can buy just the one box for £5 or sign up for more, being able to cancel whenever you like. This is certainly something I would look forward to clattering through my letterbox four times a year.

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