The Carpet Cleaning Machines: How Do They Work?

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Do you think it’s time to clean your carpet? The carpet cleaning industries have emerged strongly with endless solutions nowadays due to advanced tools and machines. Although there are ways to clean carpets by yourself, you can expect the best and lasting outcomes when you hire professionals. Before you proceed, it is good to choose a cleaning method that best suits your carpet and requirement. Some of the popular methods of carpet cleaning have been discussed below to help you make the right choice.

Carpet Washing Machine

Steam Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning in Brisbane Southside also known as the hot water extraction process is a highly effective cleaning method. Here a well-designed machine uses high-pressure steam on the fibres of the carpet. The dirt gets dissolved and extracted back to a tank. In addition to steam, this method also involves usage of a cleaning agent and is stirred up with brushes which are a part of the steam cleaning machine. The cleaning agent and steam helps in penetration and loosening the dirt and the brushes work towards cleaning the carpet. Finally, a rinse is performed post the removal of dirt and water. Once the carpets are cleaned through the steam cleaning method, they are dried up and left aside in room temperature for a few hours. If you are cleaning your carpet at home, you can leave it overnight to ensure that it dries up while others are asleep.


This is yet another method used to clean carpets. However, it is not as popular and effective as the other advanced cleaning methods such as the encapsulation. There is no doubt carpet shampooing removes a whole lot of dust and dirt but has a disadvantage too. The leftover shampoo solution often leaves a residue on the carpet which takes a long time to dry up. As the surface becomes sticky due to residue, the carpets attract more dust and dirt.


The encapsulation method is indeed a popular one as stated earlier. A layer of chemical foam is applied to crystallize around the dirt particles. Once it gets dried up, the foam can be removed using a brush or a regular vacuum cleaner. There is minimal usage of water in this method which makes it even more popular as the drying time is quicker. Besides, the chemical residues are less post the completion of the process. However, it is not effective on a carpet that has a high build-up of dirt. This is the only shortfall of the encapsulation method.


This type of cleaning method is highly in demand, especially in hotels. The high traffic leads to carpets getting extremely dirty and then the need for bonneting arises. The process involves usage of a device with a pad built underneath which is dipped in chemical and then applied on the carpet. The dirt is removed when the chemical reacts during the rubbing action. The only concern here is the dirt gets removed only from the surface and hence the other parts still remain dirty.

Dry carpet cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning is quite a popular method to clean carpets for more than a decade. Previously, the machines were designed with counter-rotating brushes for application of a cleaning solution to remove dirt. The best part about this method is that water is not used here during the cleaning process and hence there is no additional time required for drying. These are some of the best and effective methods to clean your carpets to give it a clean, fresh and new look. You can choose these methods depending on the condition of your carpet.

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