6 Reasons to Add Stucco in Your Home!


Want to make your home stand out from others? Then why not try to use stucco in your home. It’s a fabulous kind of plastering that is often used in the exteriors and even interiors of your home. What’s more, today you will find stucco used even on the furniture and art pieces that are kept in your home. Basically, it can be a great addition or a top layer to the already designed or constructed surfaces in your home.

The Great Benefits of Stucco in Home Décor!

If you’ve heard the word for the first time, then let us tell you that stucco is made by mixing cement, water, lime sand, and aggregates to provide a smoother and finished layer on any surface. When applied perfectly by an experienced plasterer in Kent like DH White Plastering, it can add a sense of character to the surface or the object. They are experienced craftsmen who know the trick to applying it perfectly in your home! And if you want some good reasons to opt for stucco in your home décor, then keep reading.

  • Its super-durable — Stucco is a highly durable material as it can last for almost fifty years without any maintenance. Yes, you heard it right! It is a super-strong material that expands and contracts according to the weather around and that is why you would hardly see any cracks or broken parts in the layer of stuccos. So, ideally, it is the best option for our exterior walls, what say?
  • Less or no maintenance — Stucco is highly resistant to mold, mildew, fire, and rot. So, rest assured, you won’t have to redo it again after some years. And since the layer is quite smooth, the issue of dust getting settled in its pores doesn’t arrive.
  • Sound insulation— Stucco provides a nice soundproof layer to your walls. This insulation is actually a great perk if you reside near a busy roadside.
  • The seamless smooth texture — The most enticing quality of stucco is that it provides a smooth texture to your walls or furniture, giving them a perfect finishing.
  • Superfast installation— Adding a layer of stucco is a pretty quick process. You just require a day or two for this layer to dry and then you can add color or finish to it to make it look enticing.
  • Can be used on wood and metallic objects as well — Yes, you would have heard that stucco can’t be added to wood because it contains moisture and certainly not on sculpture or décor items because it can’t be carved. But now all these are possible, as special microfibres are added to it in order to avoid these issues. You can now create the type of finishing and layer you want on your décor items to make them look more attractive.

We think we gave you enough reasons to opt for stucco in your home. And just to add the most enticing reason to convince you – remember that stucco gets you a good value for your home because of all the above-listed reasons. So won’t you try it for your home now? 

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