Stag Do Costumes And Fancy Dress Party Ideas


Who said that fancy theme dresses and costume parties could bring fun to hen parties only? Here’s a list of some very kinky and trendy stag do costumes, that will ensure maximum fun on your Stag Party. You can either take these ideas as they are or maybe do a few modifications here and there and increase the fun. This is one sure-shot way to increase the wackiness level of your party.

Stag Do Costumes and Outfits

S.W.A.T Real Morphsuit – If you wish to keep your stag party full of adventure then there is got to be this suit. You can try on one of the S.W.A.T. morph suits and be ready to go on your mission! If you are having a stag do with an adventure theme, then this suit is just for you.

WWE Costumes – When it comes to WWE, we know you always wanted to be a super wrestler! A stag party would be a great place to wear such a costume. You can choose to dress up as famous WWE fighters such as the Undertaker. Your mates surely won’t try to mess with you!

Piggy Back Costumes – Well piggyback costumes are a new type of costume that includes stuffed legs attached to the costume. It gives the impression that the person who is wearing the costume is sitting on the back of the costume. You can choose Donald Trump or a Mario costume to give you a piggyback ride!

Inflatable Costumes – If you want to have fun with your costumes then the inflatable costumes are good to go. They are one of the latest costumes that can be used to make everyone laugh. You can either dress up as a fat cow or a giant panda and fun is inevitable.

Pirates Costume – Inspired a lot by the Jack Sparrow character from the movies? Then why don’t you dress up as one! The pirate character has been one of the very popular themes of the parties for decades now. Having it as a theme for your stag do is only going to do more justice to it.

Gangster Costume – Finally the time has come when you get to be the ultimate mafia with the Gangster costume. Nobody will dare to mess with you when you don your full attire and head over to that party. You can even do a bit of a play while wearing this costume. Frame the groom and make him your victim.

Stag Fancy Dress Ideas

Naked ‘Costume’– If you want to pull a prank on all of your stag mates then this costume is the best one. New high-definition technology helps print these costumes in such a way that, the people who look at you will get the impression of you being entirely naked, at first glance!

Muscular Halloween Costume – We know you were already thinking of this costume! Well if you don’t have those pumped-up muscles but have always wished for, then your wait is over. This costume will give you that muscular body instantly! Wear this on the stag party and the level of fun will just increase.

Beer Bottle Case – Well this costume is a bit different than all of the above ones because this it is a group costume. This costume is to be worn by two to three people at the same time. This costume would be the highlight of your party, and everyone will enjoy a hearty laugh. So there you have it. Superhero costumes and dresses besides these theme outfits will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the fun element of the stag party that you are about to throw. Enjoy!

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