Speed Dating – Why Women Tend To Be Pickier?


When it comes to dating, online dating can prove to be a tad frustrating that many of your messages do not even land a single response. And approaching strangers in the bar does not work out either. That’s why you may want to try out speed dating as it is a nice, creative take on the whole dating process. It is often organized by various dating agencies and is held in a bar or a cafe. The men line up to spend three minutes or four, chatting with the women, and then move on to the next table. Hence the term, speed dating and though it is rather a moot point to wonder if the three minutes are enough, that happens to be the common format for most speed dating events. The only downside is that most of the participants divulge to the agency as to whom they would like to see again and it seems that women are often pickier than the men. To know more, read on

Speed Dating


One of the reasons that women tend to be pickier than the men may have more to do with their gender roles than anything else. While the men move freely from one table to the other, actively approaching each partner and trying to find something in common. Women tend to be more selective because they have to sit patiently and wait for the various prospects to land at their table. Women, in general, tend to be a tad fussy when it comes to making key decisions and is even less prone to taking risks. And they may view a relationship with a stranger as risky. You can check out the various single events in Sydney and you will find that it is the Men who had expressed more interest in the women than the other way about.

Short term relationships

Yet another reason that women turn out to be pickier than men is that women tend to view each relationship as permanent. Men, on the other hand, are more adaptable when it comes to short term relationships. As a result, they tend to approach the whole speed dating concept with ease. The women, in general often lead something more than just a three-minute chat to help convince them of the need for a first date. For more information, tips and suggestions on speed dating, you may want to check out single events, Sydney on Google.

Perceptions matter When it comes to both genders, men are generally more open to meeting new people, and even heading out on a real date with them. But for most women, it is the professional expertise that matters – in other words, most of them are in the market for a serious relationship. And as such, they would want to meet someone who has a career, earns a decent salary and even has a nice home and car to go with the same. It sounds a lot to cover in three minutes, which could well be another reason as to why women are picky.

Speed Dating Is A Great Way To Meet New People

These are a few reasons as to why women tend to be picker than the men when it comes to speed dating. That being said, speed dating is a great way to meet new people and to truly meet that someone special, you may have to get rid of some of those pre-set opinions, head out on a real date and see what that leads to. And when you do head out on that elusive first date, you may have to set your expectations on the low side. This is to help you avoid any disappointments or even to avoid facing rejection. Just use the date as a way to gauge the other person and see if they meet your current expectations. And if they do not, then you can go on a few more single events, until you do. In due time, you should be able to land the perfect date that may even develop into a serious relationship.

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