Sephora In France


Sephora did used to be in the UK a few years back, but vanished from our streets as the Uk wasn’t quite ready for that style of shopping. Here we were used to using beauty counters and asking for makeover products and service information however now we do seem to prefer to wander free and I think Sephora would do well here in this locations. I’ve never been in a Sephora before but I’ve heard a lot about it and so I was quite excited to be heading through those doors. I got through the doors and headed straight over to the amazing array of eyeshadows, it was like a rainbow that you could test and daub on the back of your hand! Bliss! I managed to get one photo before I was told you weren’t allowed to take photos in the store, so you will have to use your imagination on everything else. The vast array of colours available was stunning but my eye was drawn to one more than the others; Jungle Fever. This shadow is a dark ‘almost black’ green with a varied shimmer in green and yellow tones and quite unlike anything I’ve seen before, so in the basket it went. I only bought one eyeshadow though as they were 11.95€ each and I was on a budget!

Next I moved on to the nail polish which was just as amazing a display with a wide range of shades available with discount code. There was a ’3 pour 2′ offer on and so I picked up three polish, well it would have been rude not to! I first went to the most shiny glittery silver top coat I’ve ever seen; Silver Fever. Next I moved on to the Color Hit polishes and picked up Art Attack!; a shimmery lime colour that will look awesome with a tan and Blackjack which is also shimmery but this times in a deep plum shade. These polishes were 4.95€ each or three for 9.90€. Sephora also has an amazing range of bath oils and shower gels with promo code for their customer and I really wish there had been square space in the car, and my bank account, for several of the big bottles. I did however pick up two single use pods in chocolate and vanilla.

I’ve not used these yet, I’m saving them for a deep long bath maybe with a glass of wine! These were only 95c each and I do wish I’d grabbed a couple of the others too. One of the main issues I have with my skin with blackheads and open pores, so I’m always happy to test out products aimed at dealing with this. I spotted the duel sachets of Masque à Gommer Désincrustant (pore clarifying mask) and thought they could be worth the 2.50€ price tag. I’ve not had the chance to use these yet though so stay posted for a review on them soon. A little further on I spied with my little eye a super cute mini palette that I just had to have. I love the little red rope handle that it has on it, making it look like a mini Sephora bag. Inside there are four eyeshadows, two lipglosses and a blush making it an excellent choice for dropping in your handbag for touch ups during the day or a night out. The shadows seem to be quite well pigmented, though the nude one was really hard to see but then again I guess that’s what you want from a nude shadow. This mini palette was only 6.95€.

I managed to grab a couple of swatches of some Make Up For Ever AQUA MATIC Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow pencils too, which I would love to have bought but again I couldn’t really justify the 20€ cost each knowing there was a distinct lack of food in the cupboards back home. :p I was really impressed with just how long these swatches stayed on the back of my hand, there was no getting them off until I got home and used makeup remover. The colours all stayed vibrant and I really wish I’d been able to get some. The swatches are (left to right) I-90 Iridescent Pop Purple, I-20 Iridescent Turquoise and I-30 Iridescent Lime Green. Once we got to the til and the lady put our shopping through the til she dropped in these samples too. They’re both for men and I would describe the lighter one as being a ‘day scent’ while the other is heavier with more bergamot kind of tones, making more suitable for the evening.

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