Salon Like Hair Hacks for a Surprise Date!


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you’ll be having the most special date of your life. It is necessary to get ready in the most impressive way if you want to end up with the right partner at the right place. But of course, not every day is a good hair day. So, what can you do to ensure that Valentine’s Day is actually your good hair day? Well, your friends would suggest you hit a good salon and spend a small fortune in preparing your hair for the event. But what we suggest is, try some simple and natural tricks at home and enjoy the same kind of hair for your date.

Get the Salon-style Hair at Home Before Your Date!

Getting your hair looking the same as it does after you visit the salon isn’t a rocket science. You just require following the right steps and tips and ensure you are using good products for your hair. And the results can be enchanting for sure.

  • Wash your hair in the right way — Often the only reason you face dull and damaged hair is because it’s not washed properly, and the salon people do it excellently well. So, start with washing it perfectly. Use the best quality shampoo or shampoo bar in Australia from Twisted Frizzers to ensure that the results are absolutely great. If you have oily hair, pick the shampoo bar suitable for the same. If it’s frizzy or you have lots of dandruff issues, then get the shampoo bar especially for these kinds of hair. Now wash your hair thoroughly with these bars in lukewarm water. You shouldn’t also forget to use a suitable conditioner to ensure that your hair stays gleaming and soft post.
  • Dry your hair gently — Being rough and too fast in drying your hair is another reason for unmanageable and rough-looking hair. If you really want to create the salon effect, then use a good hairdryer, keep it on the standard or mild heat and gently dry your hair. Keep combing your hair gently as you do so. Even if you want to blow-dry the same, it’s quite easy and totally possible at home.
  • Brush it until it shines and add the serum effect — After you are satisfied that your hair is dried perfectly and there’s no moisture or dampness in the hair, apply a suitable and good serum. The right procedure to apply is to pour a little serum on your palm and then rub it nicely on your hair. Now comb or brush the hair until it shines. You can even try your favorite hairstyle or pin it up if you like.

So, loving your hair already? Yes, the effect of a proper hair wash and maintenance can be totally impressive even at home without wasting your hours and money at the salon. We are sure your date would be mesmerized by your beauty and the sweet-smelling softest hair. 

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