Retail Clothing Display Considerations: Should You Fold or Hang?


Retail clothing displays play a large role in the look and feel of your store. While there are many ways to go about displaying clothing in your store, such as with wholesale wooden hangers, you will usually come down to two main options. Should you fold the clothes on display or hang them? Here’s a look at both options to help you make the right decision for your retail space.

Reasons to Consider Folding Clothes

Folding clothes can make sense when you have lots of inventory but little space. Folded clothing can fit just about anywhere, and they can still look good when on display. In addition, some types of clothing can fold up neatly and quickly. This means managers or sales associates won’t need to spend as much time on the display. Some potential concerns that come with displays of folded clothes come from the contact of those clothes with customers. People will want to check sizes or get a better look at a piece of clothing, thus creating a mess of clothes. When done looking, people might not fold the clothing back up when they’re done. Or, they might not know how to fold the clothing as neatly as you can. This can lead to untidy displays. This can lead to a lot of extra display maintenance.

Reasons to Consider Hanging Clothes

Hanging your clothes with wholesale wooden hangers can give you a more professional and elegant display. Hanging clothes can show off your merchandise and allow customers to have an easier time looking at and feeling the garments. In addition, when you hang garments, you also help to prevent the clothes from wrinkling and creasing. In almost all cases, hanging clothes make for better displays, but there are some caveats to consider as well. In a smaller space, hanging clothes can create real or perceived clutter. While hanging clothes up tends to work as the superior option, how you hang the clothes will matter as well. For example, wholesale wooden hangers can make a big difference in how the clothes look when hanging up. People will appreciate the effort you put into making the display look good by using tools, as in the wholesale wooden hangers, to help preserve the garments.

Reasons to Consider Both Folding and Hanging

Retail clothing displays aren’t all one thing or the other. Your displays should utilize both folding and hanging for the best effect. You must do what works for your space and sense of design. Some displays can benefit greatly from a combination of both folded clothing and hanging clothing. Whether you’re folding clothes or using wholesale wooden hangers to display them, pay attention to which garments benefit most from either display method. You should never fold some types of clothes or clothes made from specific garment materials. Equally, there are many types of clothes you shouldn’t hang up.
For example:

  • Fold anything made mostly of wool
  • Denim prefers hanging over folding
  • Hang up things made of 100% cotton
  • Just about anything considered formal wear should go on a hanger

Even when using something sturdy, like the aforementioned wholesale wooden hangers, you still must pay attention to other factors. A heavier garment needs a sturdy hanger. If your hangers can’t accommodate something heavy, then go with folding until you have the high-quality hangers you need. If you’re unsure, then check with quality hanger manufacturer, such as Butler Hangers, to see the available options. You can purchase wholesale wooden hangers of various types to accommodate different clothing concerns. In the end, you may have to try a few different approaches to figure out which will work best for your clothing displays.

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