Should you replace or refinish your house flooring? This is what experts say


If you are planning to redo your home, starting with the wooden floors, then there are a few things that you may want to consider. When it comes to wooden floors, most homeowners are often left confused as to whether to get the old, dingy wooden floors replaced or refinished. If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, then you may need to check out the rest of the article as it should help clue you in as to what process to opt for. Just read on the entire article, so that you weigh in all the factors to have a better idea as what process to opt for when it comes to your wooden floors.


As a homeowner, this is the first thing that you would need to consider when it comes to your wooden floors. Redoing wooden floors can be quite cost prohibitive, there’s the cost of lumber which can vary depending on the type of wood you go in for. And then, there’s the cost of labor as well to factor in. However, when it comes to refinishing your wooden floors, the cost would be much less but refinishing your floors should still make them seem like they are brand new. Whether you opt for parquet floor sanding, or sanding any other part of your wooden floor, you should find the price tag easily affordable. 

The time factor

You may find that the process of refinishing your wooden floors can take quite a while since it is a multiple stage process, one that involves both sanding and adding the top finish. Whereas, replacing your wooden floors should take much less time though that’s dependent on whom you hire to get your floors done. Granted that replacing your wooden flooring can be expensive but it can be done in a short while, unlike refinishing your floors. For example, when it comes to professional floor sanding, the actual process from start to finish may take up to a week and even longer.

Return on investment

When it comes to wooden floors, you are more than likely to see a return of three times over what you had spent on refinishing it. Whereas, by placing your wooden floors, you may at times see a return of two times over what you had spent to get your flooring replaced. 


You may want to search online to learn more about wooden floors and the actual sanding process. The fact remains that while replacing your old wooden floors with new ones will make the floors shine resplendently, so would the refinishing process. You need to weigh in all the factors from the cost to the time it would take for the process to get completed. 

And you may also want to take aesthetics into account – for example, if the wooden floors are too damaged, then there’s every chance that you would have to go in for a complete replacement. The fact remains that wooden flooring – especially ones that are over a decade old would have seen a lot of foot traffic, along with dust and grime being tracked in. All of this would have an impact on your wooden floors and furthermore, you can only refinish wooden floors up to eight times or so before you have to get them replaced. And if your wooden floors are too damaged, then sanding them aggressively may not do the trick. That’s why you may want to sort through a few local contractors who specialize in wooden floors and request them for a quote, one for refinishing the floor and the other, for replacing it altogether.

These are some of the points that you would have to consider when re-decorating your home. But make sure that you do your research on all the shortlisted contractors before you select the right one for your project.

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