Reasons For Smoking and How To Stop Smoking


Quitting smoking is the most important alternatives decision you can make in improving your health. Smoking statistics rates are falling as more and more people seek help to help them quit. With the introduction of the smoking ban, rates are expected to continue falling. Cigarettes contain tar. Tar contains nicotine and a vast array of other chemicals. It is the nicotine that smokers become addicted to. Nicotine the functioning of certain brain systems and when you stop smoking, you experience withdrawal effects.

Reasons for Smoking

· Tiredness

· Irritability

· Depression

· Insomnia

· Anger

· Inability to concentrate

The other chemicals that are contained in tar are deposited in the lungs, many of which have the ability to cause cancer and various other conditions. Smoking also dries out the skin, leaving it prone to wrinkles, yellows the teeth and causes the distinctive smoker breath.

Smoking Risks

Smoking Increases Your Risk Of:

· High blood pressure

· Several types of cancer, not just lung cancer

· Heart disease

· Stroke

· Chest infections and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Not only can smoking affect your own health, but second-hand smoke can damage the health of people around you, particularly children. Second-hand smoke increases the chance of chest infections and developing asthma.

Benefits of Quitting

By giving up smoking, you will improve your own health and the health of those around you. You will notice improved breathing and fitness levels. Taste and smell will be enhanced. When you quit smoking, your life expectancy increases and overall health risks go down as well. There are also significant financial benefits to giving up- how will you spend thousands of pounds saved each year?

How To Stop Smoking

There are a number of anti treatments available to help you quit. Most contain gum, to satisfy your cravings, without the harmful effects of tar. However, you are likely to expect withdrawal symptoms in the case of Nicotine Addiction.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches give you a free gradual supply of nicotine throughout the day, which is absorbed through your skin. Some are worn for 16 hours per day (Nicotine- remove before going to sleep) and others are worn for 24 hours (Niquitin, Nicotine – better if you experience morning cravings). They come in three strengths. The strength you should use is determined by how many cigarettes you smoke per day. You can away then switch to lower strengths gradually to reduce your nicotine intake. The patch is suitable if you smoke throughout the day.

Nicotine Gum, tablets and Lozenges

Come in different flavors and strengths and supply you with a sudden burst of nicotine when you need it. This type of nicotine replacement allows you to be in of control your nicotine intake hypnosis when you want it. Gum should be chewed and then pressed against the inside cheek for the nicotine to be absorbed. Lozenges are sucked and again pressed against the inside cheek. Tablet is simply placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve.


Nicotine Inhalator is shaped like a cigarette and is useful for those who find it difficult to give up holding a cigarette. This device is for you if you need something to do with your hands when you are giving up smoking. The inhalator is loaded with cartridges each lasting for up to 20 minutes of puffing.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the latest phenomenon is smoking cessation. It looks like a real cigarette but can be legally smoked indoors. They contain nicotine that is inhaled as a vapor that accurately mimics the taste of tobacco, but no harmful tar. The starter kit comes with an electronic cigarette itself, a charger, and 2 cartomizers. After this, only further cartomizers are required to be bought. Each cartomizer is equivalent to about 20 electric cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than regular cigarettes- if you smoke 20 a day, you could save over £1500 per year!!

Prescription medication 

If you have tried nicotine replacement therapy programs and find that it isn’t for you, there is another treatment available from our Online Doctor. Champix tablets are a 12-week course of tablets and are more effective symptoms than nicotine replacement and other prescription medications. Studies have shown that Champix more than doubles the success rate in stopping smoking. If you feel that Champix may be a suitable option for you, visit our online doctor.

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