Explained: How To Prepare Yourself for Electrical Power Outages

Electrical Power

It’s indeed hard to even think of life without electricity and we need to thank Benjamin Franklin for his massive invention, which shaped the way we lead our daily lives. But, during thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and even cyclones or hurricanes, you need to prepare yourself for the worst, so that you don’t have to depend on others for basic supplies. You need to plan out the procedure in such a way that you’re able to survive until your emergency electrician in Melbourne will be able to bring the electric power levels to its normal state. The following are some of the easiest methods that you should be carrying out to make yourself outage-proof.

The Definitive Ways To Prepare Yourself For Electrical Power Outages

1. Make Provisions For Water

When power outage will happen, your water pump will not be able to pump out water from the underground water channel. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to keep your bottles and buckets filled up with water, so that you can use the same for cooking and drinking. In case you have a bath-tub inside your bathroom, then filling it with water can also turn out to be a great idea as well. Ensure that you close down the drain hole of the bath-tub, otherwise all the water will seep through it.

2. Use Your Car Battery As A Generator Or Power Source

Your car battery might be the perfect saving grace for situations like this. The battery inside of your car can easily turn DC power to AC power and can power up (or charge) laptops, tablets and mobile phones in times of need. When you’ll be experiencing blackouts, you can be sure that your car battery will come to your rescue. This is the reason why it’s of utmost importance to keep your car or vehicle batteries always charged. Smaller batteries will be able to charge your mobile phones and laptops, while the larger ones can power-up your refrigerators and other high-wattage equipment.

3. Stock Up On The Food With Ice

If a power outage happens for extended periods, then you need to ensure that you’ve stocked up on enough food supplies that will last you for some time till your electrician arrives at your place. Food is a perishable product and if you don’t take enough care, your precious dish stored inside the refrigerator, on a hot and sunny day, might get rotten easily. Therefore, you need to store your food products, especially the perishable ones like milk, meat and the likes, along with ice from your refrigerator. You can either keep them inside airtight containers or store them in the freezer part of your refrigerator.

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