Cv’s Perspective On Popular Cosmetic Courses


The cosmetic industry is booming because nowadays, people are more concerned about the quality and texture of their skin. There are hundreds of treatments being introduced in the industry, but the following three are at the top because of their enormous demand and fantastic results:

Botox Training

Botox is a neurotoxic protein that is commercially used in medicine, cosmetics and research. In cosmetics, it is used to reduce facial wrinkles as it relaxes the muscles which result in smoother, younger-looking skin. What does the course include: It is a theoretical e-learning course with a one-day practical session. The students will learn about injecting in three basic areas, i.e. glabella, peri-orbital lines and forehead, on live models. They will also learn how to give medial & lateral lifts and total paralysis to the eyebrows. This will allow them to ensure a more natural look. Business insights: Do you know how massive is the botox market? The botox market is booming because celebrities from around the world are opting for it to ensure that their beauty stays intact. Earlier, botox treatment was looked down upon because people lacked the right equipment & knowledge. But with this course, you will learn everything about botox treatments, and after a few apprenticeships, you to take a step further and start your own business.

Lip Augmentation and Dental Block Course

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic surgery which uses fillers to increase the fullness of the lips. Local Nerve Infiltration (LNI) is a requirement of lip augmentation as it deals with the application of anesthesia in the dental region. What does the course include: It is an e-learning course with one-full-day practical training where the student will have study material for LNI as well as lip augmentation that he she needs to study prior to the training course. They will be required to take a short examination prior to the practical session. The theoretical learning will be on how to anaesthetise the lower and upper lip targeting the nerve supply from the mental and infraorbital foramen, and in the practical training, the students will learn how to inject the vermillion border, add volume to the body of the lip and enhance the philtrum ridge. Business insights: The lip augmentation market is not as massive as the botox market, but is also not very far away. The desire to see the perfect figure, skin and lips have made lip augmentation an essential part of the modelling and film industry. You need to have an artistic flair to your treatments to ensure successful results, which will allow you to run a profitable business in this industry.

Chemical Peel Training

Chemical peeling is a method to improve the texture of the skin by removing its outermost layers, which also improves scarring. The appearance and texture are expected to become smoother after the completion of the treatment. It treats pigmentation, fine lines, sun damage, acne and other skin conditions. What does the course include: This course will allow students to learn how to treat solar keratosis, chemical blepharoplasty and deeper skin peels. Business insights: Due to the increase in pollution and extreme weather conditions, the skin quality is getting damaged around the world. Pigmentation and acne are very common, which raises the requirement of such treatments. It is a relatively newer cosmetic treatment, but because of the amazing results, it is growing at a rapid rate. If you are a well-versed professional in chemical peeling, then you can easily sustain a profitable business, so it is better to practice with experts before you start your own practice. All cosmetic courses require you to learn, practice and then start your own practice because even minor mistakes can have severe consequences. So, the first step is to join a credible cosmetic course, and then go about it!

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