Know the Difference Before You Invest! Polish Concrete Floors V/s Prominent Other Flooring Options!

Concrete Floors

Nothing can make your place more cosy and captivating than astounding flooring! But when it comes to choosing the material for flooring from the plethora of available options, one is often confused! The material should meet the aesthetic demands and pass the tests of durability. No doubt the markets offer a wide range of flooring solutions, but few live up to meet all the expectations and tick all the checklists! But have you thought of polished concrete? Evolved through various processes of curating the perfect concretes and polishing them to firmness, these polished concretes are a one stop solution for your flooring needs. Apart from being dramatic to look at, these are tough, long lasting and cost effective.

Why choose polished concretes rather than other famous flooring options?

If you study the flooring options available, you’ll find polished concrete in Melbourne from Grind Works are the most exceptional, versatile and long-lasting floor variant available. But there are other alternatives too which are available simultaneously. And even these floorings are quite famous and in trend. But, still, there are some significant differences that you may note. It’s very essential to know about their distinctive features, as it may help you to consider your choices once again!

1. Wooden floor v/s polished concretes: Are you smitten by the sombre elegance of hardwood floors? No doubt wood is beautiful! But we hope you know the amount that you’ll need dish out to get it installed. Also, wood requires lots of care, is vulnerable to moisture and needs a periodic polishing and sanding for its upkeep. Whereas, polished concretes are tough, long lasting and open to any kind of traffic and treatment, and don’t dig a hole in your pocket either! And these polished concretes are available in different variants to blend in with your décor needs. And once you install them, forget about any big sum on its maintenance — just a regular, light cleaning makes it new again!

2. Vinyl floors v/polished concretes: Vinyl is another famous name in the chapters of flooring options. These are available in thousands of designs, colour contrasts, and look extravagant too. Lifespan of vinyl floor can be a decade or a little more! While polished concrete, apart from giving you equal choices of designs, finishes and colours, lives with your forever (Unless you deliberately take it off)! Also, vinyl can face severe damage when put in areas having heavy foot traffic, and gets affected by weather too. Polished concrete can bear it all just like a Superhero!

3. Natural stones v/s polished concretes: Natural stones are a popular choice for flooring all across the globe. They give an opulent look that is elegant and eye soothing. Even their life span is a little longer, and these are foot traffic resistant too. But good quality natural stones come at steep prices. Polished concrete does not come with any such hiccup. Also, natural stones can be very slippery, while concretes are skid resistant and hence, a safer option. Polished concrete floors are worth every penny you invest on them. Their smooth finish, glossy look and high defined texture create an aura of sophistication in your place. And after comparing with these prominent other options, you can now understand why these may be the wisest choice for you!

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