Photography Tips and Guide for Beginners


Every couple has a different take on the concept of the wedding day. Some are fascinated by their union, and some spend all their time dancing and having all the fun in the world with their beloved. While there are those fussy couples who try to keep everything in order and forget to live in the moment, there are also those couples who can’t wait for their wedding photoshoot to begin. For many couples, the wedding shoot is a great way to express their unending love for each other through their body language and gestures. Like there is always scope for improvement, there are chances that you might mistakes as well which will be captured for a lifetime. Avoid such situations by avoiding these six mistakes.

Photography Basics

Pre Wedding Photos

Considering your options is excellent, but don’t take too long or wait until the last moment to finalise your wedding photographer. The key here is to keep your requirements in mind and put them openly in front of your potential choices to find the right one. If your photographer understands your expectations from the shoot and you both share the same vision, any further mistakes can be checked off right away.

Keep guests at bay

It’s understandable that your wedding guests want to take wedding pictures with you but allowing them to interfere with your wedding shoot is not a good idea. Keep separate slots, so there is no confusion. You can get pictures with the guests first once and then focus on your couple shoot or vice-versa depending on what suits you best. You can ask one of your bridesmaids or best man to take care of guest portraits for no confusion.

Don’t fake too much

The moment you start faking your smiles and poses, that is when your shoot starts going in the wrong direction. You and your partner are hopelessly in love with each other and let that be reflected in your pictures. Look at each other and live in the moment remembering that you are happily married, and these pictures will be forever. This should be enough incentive to be natural and in love.

Last-minute venue finalizations

Once you have decided on your photographer, fix the venue with his suggestions as soon as possible for no last-minute troubles. Many couples believe that picking any venue at the last minute would do good for them, but that’s not true. Also, if you are getting your shoot done right where you are getting married, make sure you stick to the schedule. One of the reasons why photographers get annoyed is because of unnecessary delay so make sure you finalize a plan and stick to it.

Affordable Wedding Photography and Services

Props are there for a reason so why not use it to get fabulous pictures? When you opt for a pre-wedding photo package Sydney with Nassem Malouf Photography, you can ask for stunning props to make the most of your photography session and get crazy pictures clicked to be cherished for life. The same you can do with your wedding shoot and since your friends and relative will be a part of the shoot too, getting props is undoubtedly a brilliant idea.

Wedding Photography for Beginners

The key to perfection is to be happy, really happy, during your wedding shoot. It’s time we change our standards of perfection by bidding goodbye to fake expressions. Keep a smile on your face throughout and enjoy the moment because it is never coming back. Don’t rush yourself into making everything seem perfect because if you are happy, that is precisely how it will turn out. Getting married anytime soon? Well then, avoid these above-mentioned mistakes and have a fun wedding photography Sydney experience which will compel you to smile every time you think about it.

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