Oprah Trainer’s 6 Weight Loss Secrets


Kim Droze What possesses a man to get on his bike and ride across the country in the name of good health? What motivates this same guy to help fast food giant McDonald’s shed its unhealthy image by promoting healthy happy meals for adults? And what drives this in-demand fitness coach to spread his message to anyone and everyone who will listen. The answer is knowledge and Bob Greene has plenty of it. Best known as the personal trainer who helped talk show host Oprah Winfrey get in the best shape of her life, Greene has the fitness and nutrition plan you need to get fit. Greene has made it his mission to ride forth and battle the obesity ogre that’s threatening us.

With two-thirds of the UK population overweight or obese, there is plenty of fat fighting to keep him busy. Greene recently wrapped up a public awareness campaign that encourages people to make better choices. For the Go Active Challenge – a five-week walking and cycling event  he peddled his way into 36 different communities to educate residents on how to eat right and exercise properly. The whirlwind campaign was just one of Greene’s many fronts on the obesity war. His main offensive, Bob Greene’s Get With The Program!, is a gradual 12-week fitness programme comprised of functional exercises, cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises with a component on eliminating emotional eating behaviour.

Have you failed at a fad diet or other quick-fix weight loss plan? Greene says it’s crucial you scratch beyond the surface when it comes to getting rid of your extra pounds. In other words: you need to look further than just healthy eating and exercise. And that’s one of the things that sets Get With The Program apart from many other diet plans. The decision to start eating right and exercising is easy,  Greene tells us Sure it takes willpower and schedule adjusting but the hard part is figuring out your personal traits and issues of why you eat. Most people haven’t done this in the past. Get With The Program! digs deeper. You’re asking yourself, ‘Why do I really want this?’ You’re scratching the surface by asking, ‘Why am I overweight and what are the personal characteristics that keep me overweight. Doing your emotional homework is critical to your success.

That’s where the magic is, Greene says. It’s about discovering the reasons behind the unhealthy habits. A big part of the weight loss process is self exploration. No matter how much weight you need to lose, putting your habits under a microscope is the first major step in getting to the heart of the matter. You’ll want to raise certain questions like: What are your personal strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you eat? Why don’t you like to exercise. Greene notes, “We all use food to get us past certain moments, whether it’s stress or boredom or something else. We’re using it for things other than nutrition. It’s important to start recognising those moments when food is being used for emotional reason. These are all things that are in your best interest to pursue.

One mistake we commonly make is to cut calories prior to becoming active. Big mistake, Greene says. He’d prefer to see you taking in extra calories at first… as long as you are working out in some form. Getting enough to eat prevents the metabolism from shutting down. That is what can happen when your body senses your caloric intake is too low. Greene strongly suggests you consult a doctor to find which type of exercise programme will prove most beneficial. This is especially true if you suffer from any health problems (heart disease, diabetes, joint problems etc). It’s important to remember that nothing is going to happen overnight.

Greene says, “You’re dealing with someone who, for whatever reason, hasn’t been active most of their life, whether it’s because of procrastination or because they don’t like to exercise. Physical activity has to be built into your life. We all respond better easing into things, not radically changing the way we lived most of our lives. Small steps are important because they foster our needs for patience. One of the greatest reasons why most people fail is they are impatient with a pound or two a week. In reality, those are the people who are more successful long term. The process requires patience especially when the scale is not as active as the body wants it to be. The important thing is to focus on the little things today that benefit our lives in the future. More people focus on, ‘How quickly can I get rid of these 3 stones.

Get off on the right foot with Greene’s 6 golden rules for getting with the programme.

  •  Know what you really want.
  •  Make an unwavering commitment to your goals! Your commitment to yourself is as sacred as your commitment to others.
  •  Build exercise into your life! Find a time that works for you (the best is always in the morning) and remember: Your exercise is not negotiable.
  •  Eating habits are developed over a lifetime and shouldn’t be changed radically overnight! Gradually moderate consumption of foods that aren’t in your best interest and replace them with healthy options. Also work to increase your physical activity accordingly.
  •  Powerful results come from taking small steps towards your goal each day.
  • Meaningful change comes from recommitting yourself daily to your chosen path.

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