New Brand Essence With Swatches


Be it one you haven’t heard of before or a totally new launch, discovering a new brand is always a little exciting. I got the chance to find out about the new brand Essence that is coming to the UK shores in July. Already a major global brand, Essence is finally hitting the shelves of the UK in Wilkinsons stores nationwide next month and the prices are seriously pocket friendly. I’ve been playing around with the various products and I have to say I really like what I’ve seen. So, let’s have a look!

3D Shadow in Irresistible Fox-trott

The 3D form of this shadow is simple but really effective and it does make each shade easier to use that if it were simply flat. I was really surprised by the colour payoff of these shadows and the shimmer is really effective too. You really do get a good deapth of colour and I can’t wait to actually use this somewhere other than my arm. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram feed.

Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Scorch

Once I get my act together and paint my face with these products, I’m going to team this pencil up with the 3D eyeshadow as they will match up so well together. There’s no need for a pencil sharpener with these either as they’re mechanical ones that you simply twist to get more product. I love these as they’re so much easier to use on a night out or in a rush.

Eyeliner Pen Waterproof

This eyeliner is also in the swatch photograph above and it’s really impressed me too, it stays put! This product is a felt-tip style pen that draws an excellent thin line which makes catflick liner so much easier to do.

Mono Eyeshadow in Miss Atlantis

Another eyeshadow, this time it’s one of the mono shadows. I really like the pattern that’s on the shadow itself, it’s a simple detail but it really adds to the look of the product as a whole. I often find these patterned areas are the best place to start with a new shadow too. The colour payoff was good with a hint of shimmer, but not quite as intense as the 3D shadow though I don’t think it is meant to be. I do like a good standard shadow too, metallic shimmer is great but sometimes you don’t want anything too crazy. For £1.59 this is a great shadow and I’m certainly going to be picking up some more.

Blush Up Powder Blush in Heat Wave

Blusher is still one of those products I’m a little scared off. I’m getting better and I use a couple on a regular basis and I really think this one will be joining them soon. This blush is a graduated colour blush between orange and pink, which means you can blend it to get the shade you want. I’ve swatched each side on their own with a blend of the two in the centre. It’s a fairly big 8g blush too so I think it would really last.

All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Who doesn’t love a nude eyeshadow palette? They’re so practical and adaptable that every make up bag needs one…or a couple. At £3.49 this palette should most certainly be in there! The colours in this palette are really nice too, a mix of pinks and browns which is a touch different to other beige and brown palettes out there. The shadows have a decent colour payoff and a range of shimmer. Another Essence product that’s really worth checking out.

XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in Baby Doll’s Favourite and Silky Red

Although I’ve started to use a lot more lipstick these days, I do still enjoy using lipgloss. These two are are quite different products once you get them on your lips. Baby Doll is a great shiny gloss that’s thick but not sticky. It sits on the lips really well too, with a lot of staying power. The matte Silky Red gloss is more like a gloss/lipstick half-breed and looks amazing once it’s on. The texture on the lips is soft and velvety, while the colour is strong without being super bright. I really like this muted red shade and will get a lot of wear out of it. I’m certainly going to be trying out of shades in the range too as they are a great price for experimenting with.

Colour & Go Nail Polish in Splash!

I think this might be my favourite product from the selection I’ve tried out! The brush covers the whole nail in one sweep and you only need one coat for a good layer of colour. The shine is really good and the shade is vibrant and solid. I really need some more of these in my life and I can’t wait for them to hit the shelves. I’m loving this green shade too, it’s so very ‘me’. Buy buy buy is all I can say on these!

Effect Nail Polish in Glitz & Glam

I love a glitter polish and this is a great one. Not only is it a suspended glitter, but it also has an opaque greenish shimmer too. The swatch above doesn’t completely do it justice as I couldn’t quite get it catch light properly on the image. This polish looks really nice layered up on its own, or worn as a top coat. (swatch above)

All-In-One CC Cream in Natural

I’ve tried a few CC creams now and I’ve found them to be really varied. This one is quite thick, like a cross between a night cream and a foundation. On the swatch I’ve shown the cream in a line and then in a bigger swatch with one side rubbed in and faded into the skin. This shows just how well it combines with the skin and will match into your skintone. At first I didn’t think I’d like the shade but it did work better than I thought it would and I would recommend trying it.

Studio Nails Pro White Glow Polish

While nail polishes are great sometimes it’s nice to have bare nails, but they have to look nice. This product helps to bring out the nail’s colours, deepening the pink and adding an optical shine enhancing the white. I have to say that although the pink of my nail looked healthier, I couldn’t really see much difference on the white. Maybe it was just my lighting, there was a bit of a white shine, but these are my findings and I’m always honest.

All About Matt! Oil Control Make-Up Base

A good base is so important to getting a good finish and keeping your make up in place all day. If, like me, you have oily patches you might want to try out a base like this. Not only will it give your make up something to anchor onto better but it will also help to prevent shine and reduce the look of your pores. This product is totally clear, so I’ve not swatched it.

The Lash Curler Volume & Curl Mascara

I really didn’t think I was going to like this, but I really did. The handle of this mascara is unique on the market as it allows the brush to roll on the lashes, thanks to the duel layered handle. It doesn’t stick to the lashes, instead passing through and over them helping to avoid clumps and curling the lash as it goes. I’d rate this mascara over some I’ve tried worth twice and three times this amount, so I really recommend checking them out. This was just a black mascara, so I didn’t swatch it.

Maximum Volume Mascara

I found that this mascara didn’t leave my lashes looking as thick as the other one, but it did lengthen and separate really well. I think this would be really good for a day time or lighter look as it’s really natural looking.

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