Unravel the Mystery Behind Your Dull Wooden Floors


The moment you opted for wood as flooring, longevity and lure were what the prominent features lurking in your mind. And that’s right! Wood is the most durable type of flooring that would stay as it is for decades. But guess what? If your floor starts looking dull in just a year or two of installing it – well then, something isn’t right. And to solve this mystery you landed on this page.  So, here we are playing detective to find out why your wooden floor isn’t shining like before!

Top Factors That Destroy the Shine of Your Timber Floors!

Wood as floor can easily stretch up to a decade or two. If you spot lack of lustre in your wooden flooring in Wellington call Native Grain Flooring. They have experts who can pinpoint the problem, help you with tips for long-term solution, and also restore the lost glamour through their sanding and polishing treatments. However, if you believe your wooden floor is acting funny way before time, it’s time to delve deeper to check the offenders.

  • The sun peeking from the windows — When the dullness of your timber floor is worrying you, check your sunlight exposure first! You may be having huge windows in your home that bring lots of lights in. But actually, this direct light from the sun contains UV rays which can be very harmful for the shine of your hardwood floor. Use shutters, blinds or curtains and try to prevent too much exposure. 
  • Your clumsy high heels — If you love high heels and walk around in them on your hardwood floor, well you are the culprit! The dullness comes from the weight of these heels on the floor. And if you continue with your habit, it even leads to dents and cracks on the floor.
  • Pets going naughty — Naughty and hyperactive pets are cute, but not for your wooden floors. They tend to scratch with their long nails and keep on fidgeting on the floor until these are totally messy. The continuous scratching weans them off their natural texture and shine. Properly train your pet to eradicate this problem.
  • Your dogs aren’t housetrained — Again, if your cat or dog isn’t trained and tend to pee regularly on the hardwood floor, naturally you can’t protect its shine for long. The acidic urine is enough to spoil the gleam of your wooden floor.
  • The detergent is too much or too harsh — If you use normal detergent on your floor (God knows why!) in excessive quantity, it destroys the beauty of your floor. And if your floor cleaner consists of harsh chemicals, forget about just destroying the shine, even the colour and polish of your hardwood gets damaged. Ensure you are using the right cleaner in proper quantities to save your floor for long.

Well, we solved the mystery of the missing shine from your wooden floor! Still couldn’t find these reasons in your home? Try checking your cleaning procedure — if you are or aren’t wiping the detergent properly from the floor. Even wax build up on your floor can be the real culprit! Just find the delinquent and eradicate that immediately to prevent any more damage to your hardwood floors! 

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