Major Mistakes To Avoid When Moving During The COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak


Even though moving during the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak can be a major risk, sometimes you just can’t help it and have to move at all costs – regardless of what is going on around your surroundings. 

But, thankfully, there are a couple of easy steps that you can take to keep you and your family safe during the entire moving session – with the help of storage in Sunshine Coast services. The following are some of the glaring mistakes that you avoid at all costs if you want to prevent or even spread the COVID-19 novel virus. 

Notable Mistakes To Avoid When Moving During The COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

  1. Not Asking Movers How They Will Deal With The COVID-19 Health Risks

In case you’re planning to hire a company to help you with the relocation, then you should be asking the movers regarding the particular steps that they’re taking to mitigate the health risks of the COVID-19. It has already been reported by doctors and health workers all over the world that the virus mainly spreads through asymptomatic cases and person-to-person contact basis. 

This is the main reason why you have to ask the movers what type of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment that they’ll be wearing – in case they’re planning for the same, in the first place. Moreover, you have to also ask about the various preventative practices that they’ll be performing daily. 

  1. Not Wearing Any Gloves, Masks & PPEs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring a mover or moving all by yourself – it’s important to wear protective equipment – especially gloves and masks. You can use normal cloth masks in case there is a shortage of N95 masks. 

Wearing protective gear will avoid bringing the virus into your home and thereby infecting all the other members of your family. Furthermore, be sure to keep at least six feet of distance between you and the movers.

  1. Not Using Any Hand Sanitizers On The Day Of Moving

Disinfecting and washing your hands is the best way you can prevent the spread of the Novel CoronaVirus. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to keep a handy hand-sanitizer along with some paper towels and soap by your bathroom and kitchen sinks – so that not only you but also your moving professionals can use it. 

It has been reported that hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds to provide the best effect and when you move to your new home, provide hand-sanitizers to everyone who enters your house. You should also ask your movers to sanitize their hands before touching high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, moving boxes, sink or refrigerator door handles. 

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