The Different Types of Mirrors for Your Bathroom


Did you know that a bathroom remodel is the best investment you can make? It yields some of the biggest returns in terms of resale value.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, remodeling your bathroom is still a good choice. The average person will spend around 416 days in the bathroom, so you better make those days worth it.

While you may not be in a position to do a drastic remodel, a simple mirror change can change the mood in the bathroom. Check out the following types of mirrors to see which one is the best for you.

1.Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are the most common among the different types of mirrors. They come in different shapes and sizes along with different frame materials, so they’re a safe choice no matter what design you have in your bathroom.

The frame isn’t only for decorative purposes; it protects both you and the mirror, as well. It ensures simple bumps won’t damage the mirror, which can be fragile on its own.

2.Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are great for minimalist, contemporary, and modern designs. Although they can come in different shapes and sizes, the lack of borders and frames allows these mirror types to blend well into their surroundings.

They appear to float above the sink. Even though they look simple, they still provide an extra level of sophistication. Don’t worry, they have a buffed edge to prevent scratches and injuries.

3.Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

We’ve all seen one, whether in real life or the movies. These are mirrors that double as storage for your medicines. The mirror is on the door of these cabinets, which you can pull or slide open to access the storage.

Don’t worry, lots of designs today now fit any type of home. The designs of medicine cabinets have evolved so they don’t look too outdated. Some have frames, some have none, and some even have built-in lighting.

Designers have even built one into a recess in the wall so the cabinet doesn’t stick out. Guests won’t know there’s a cabinet behind the unsuspecting mirror.

4.Ledge Mirrors

Ledge mirrors, like the name suggests, have a built-in ledge. This expands their function to more than a simple mirror, like the medicine cabinets.

The ledge provides extra storage where you can put some bathroom items, like hand soap. This makes them perfect for sinks with no counter space. If you have enough counter storage, though, you can instead put decorative items on the ledge.

5.LED Mirrors

Lighted mirrors have built-in lighting, which makes them a popular choice for bathrooms and vanity tables. They fit well in any modern décor and even minimalist designs as you won’t need to put up more lighting beside the mirror.

Having built-in illumination allows you to see your face and skin more clearly. The time of the day doesn’t matter, as well as the natural lighting provided in the bathroom.

Some LED mirrors come with a switch, while others come equipped with technology. They may have a small touchscreen panel for turning the lights on and off. They also have different shapes, like a round LED mirror, but rectangular ones are more common.

6.Pivot Mirrors

These have two hinges, which are most commonly on either side of the mirror. Sometimes, they’re on the top and the bottom. The hinges allow you to tilt the mirror up and down or left and right.

This type of mirror gives you several angles to work with, so you can pick the right angle with good lighting. It’s a good mirror to use when you’re styling your hair or applying makeup products.

7.Extension Mirrors

Extension mirrors provide even more flexibility. As the name implies, these mirrors allow you to extend them as far as the accordion mount allows. You can also move them left and right, and they’re also called swing arm mirrors for that reason.

They’re most often used for applying makeup products. You can move them closer to you to have a closer look at your face, ensuring accuracy when applying that tricky winged eyeliner.

8.Heated Demister Mirrors

After a hot shower or bath, the mirrors usually gets condensation on the surface. You’ll have to wipe the surface first to use the mirror as usual. It’s a small inconvenience to most, but doing it every after a bath can be irritating.

This is where heated demister mirrors come in. They can help you overcome this problem thanks to a built-in heater that warms the mirror gently to above room temperature. The heat prevents fog and steam from forming, so you can enjoy your hot bath without worrying about the mirror.

9.Venetian Mirrors

To put it simply, Venetian mirrors have ornate borders, but those borders are also mirrors. The borders have etchings that create the design. The borders are pretty useless as mirrors, but the middle part is clear.

The etched design adds a romantic flair to your bathroom. This helps make the bathroom a more peaceful and personal space for you to perform your morning rituals.

10.Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are full-length mirrors, which allow you to view your whole body. This is great for when you get dressed in your bathroom.

They’re also often used as a decorative piece, especially those with ornate frames. Put a pot of flowers or plant beside it, and you have a beautiful décor item that demands the attention of anyone walking in.

They’re not a replacement for wall mirrors by the bathroom sink, though. Instead, they’re a nice accompaniment to put mirrors in the bathroom.

Choose The Best One Among The Types of Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have a single primary function – to provide your reflection. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t be choosy with what you want in your bathroom. Choose among the types of mirrors to find the one that fits your bathroom and your taste, as well.

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