Low Back Pain: Causes, Tests, And Treatments


Have you ever felt like an old broken down car?  As we get older our limbs and other body parts just don’t work that well anymore, much like a car going in for a tune-up or repair we need maintenance from time to time.  The most vulnerable part that comes to mind is the lower back. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that 31 million (75 to 85%) people are affected. Lower back pain can be mild, dull, annoying (left/right) pain, to persistent severe, disabling pain.  This can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning.  Lower back pain is one of the most significant health problems.  Back pain is the most frequent cause of activity that limits people younger than 45 years old.

Low Back Pain Causes And Prevention 

Like in Most Cases There Are Preventative Measures So We May Not Go Through The Excruciating Hell Of This Painful Condition Just To Mention The Following Sitting up straight and not slouching is one way and I’m sure we can hear mom say this at the dinner table. Your posture also holds true when sleeping and to prevent curvature of the spine it is best to sleep on your side and plus the fact a good firm surface like a good mattress comes to mind. Being overweight is a big factor and an epidemic to begin with. This puts pressure on the spine and on the discs and something you don’t want to deal with. It is important in order to prevent this by eating healthy and exercises. Osteoporosis, which so many women get after menopause, including this writer, can help deal with this by taking Vitamin D, calcium and other supplements. If you are a person who is not physically active or has a handicap, this poses another reason why back problems occur.

Smoking is another no-no, not only does it cause a number of health-related issues, it also causes the spinal discs to degenerate. Even though women like to wear heels that reach to outrageous heights it is an accident waiting to happen and your back will suffer big time eventually later on. Ladieswear flats or lower heels. The chances later on in life will be better for your back and your feet. When picking up heavy objects support your back when bending over.  Sometimes a sudden movement can throw your back out of whack. By bending your knees and using your legs instead of putting all the weight on your lower back is a preventative measure. Also when sitting for any length of time it is good to get up after a while, stretch, walk or simply just take a break.  Sitting in a good chair with support is a good pointer. Reducing emotional distress which may cause muscle tension not only to your back but to other areas as well.

Low Back Pain Treatment 

The most qualified professional to consult with is a well recommended Chiropractor.  They have the expertise in dealing with musculoskeletal management and are much safer and less the expense than other medical treatments such as drugs that just mask the pain and could lead to addiction.  Another option is a massage therapy that can ease the pain.  A massage triggers your body to release endorphins that not only bring on relaxation but also reduces levels of stress but it also relieves pain. Other alternatives that can be used are acupuncture or yoga.  One of the best ways for lower back pain is the portable TENS unit.  This is FDA cleared and is available without a prescription and provides instant pain relief.  Also another technique is NST or neuro-structural integration technique.  This non-invasive technique stimulates your body to heal itself.  This is a safe method that produces visible and long-lasting results after just 2-3 sessions.

How Back Pain Is Treated Depends On Several Factors Such As:

Age, Health and Medical History

Extent of Condition

Tolerance for Specific Medications, Procedures or Therapies

Expectations for the Cause of the Condition

Your Opinion or Preference

Treatment Options:

Activity Modification


Physical Rehabilitation and/or Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Weight Loss (if overweight)

No Smoking

Following a prevention program as directed by your physician

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