Designing a Landscape: 4 Key Landscape Design Tips for Beginners


You stare out at your barren backyard—all you can see is grass. How uninspiring!

Your home should be a place you love, so if you’re not happy with the look of your backyard, it might be time to transform it into something wonderful, with the help of landscape design.

By designing a landscape for your yard, you can add gardens, pathways, outdoor entertaining space, and beautiful features that you’re sure to love.

Ready to learn more? If so, keep reading to find four landscape design tips for beginners.

  1. Start With a Focal Point

One of our top design tips is to always start with a focal point for your garden. When visitors walk into the garden for the first time, this should be something that they notice first and catches their attention.

A focal point also helps your landscape from looking mismatched and disorganized, as the right focal point pulls everything together, giving it a cohesive style.

You can use just about anything for a focal point, but popular options include fountains, ponds, a statue, or an unusual plant.

  1. Select the Right Plants Based on Sunlight and Climate

It can be tempting to go crazy at the garden store and pick all of the most colorful and unique plants, but if you don’t choose wisely, they’re not going to last.

One of our landscape design tips is to take great care when selecting plants for your garden, taking into account your climate, the amount of sunlight your yard receives, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend on maintenance.

Some plants are tough and will do well with little to no pruning, while others require plenty of TLC to thrive.

  1. Sketch Out Your Design

It can be helpful to sketch out an idea for your garden on paper or using landscape software. That will help you work out which features will work best in which location.

Think of your landscape as a building—before you can start work on it, you need a blueprint to let you know what goes where.

It’s helpful to work with experts for information on things like walkways, water features, and retaining walls, as they can let you know what designs would work well for your plan. Check out this service for help with your brickwork.

  1. Think About Your Style

Serious landscapers know that every garden needs a style! This is basically the theme for your garden, which will help showcase your personality and gardening passions.

There are plenty of popular garden styles to think about, including formal, tropical, or Japanese.

Designing a Landscape Is Easy With These Tips

If you’re ready to transform your yard, start designing a landscape with the help of these tips. With some research and planning, you’re sure to come up with a look for your garden that you’ll love.

Your yard is one of the best places to relax after a long day, so be sure to include outdoor entertaining areas, comfortable chairs, or even a fire pit—you deserve it!

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