Kratom Helps Farmers Economy


West Kalimantan Regional House of Representatives participated in highlighting kratom leaf cultivation in West Kalimantan. Deputy chairman of the West Kalimantan regional parliament, Suriansyah said, Kratom for sale has become a source of income for around 300 thousand farmers in Kalimantan. “Kratom is not only taken directly from the forest but also cultivated. Kratom is a type of forest plant that is felt by the community’s economic benefits, “said Suriansyah, Deputy Speaker of the West Kalimantan Regional Parliament

According to him, residents have traditionally used kratom. Residents in the first area consume it for fitness. Furthermore, people abroad apparently enjoy kratom as a supplement.

This makes kratom a source of income. Kratom is a high-value non-timber forest product.

“Indonesia must be able to use it as a source of foreign exchange and economy for citizens. 

Because the community’s economy is currently not good in the upstream region. Rubber and palm oil have not been supporting the people’s income for a long time, “he said.

West Kalimantan Gerindra politician said kratom trade is very helpful to the economy of citizens. If the government classifies kratom as a class 1 narcotics, the government should also see the benefits or the positive side.

“If kratom leaves can be a raw material for medicine, arrange it as a raw material for medicine. If it is truly included in the dangerous category, prevent its consumption or use directly, “he explained.

Many people of West Kalimantan depend on kratom for their lives. Therefore, according to him, the government must not suddenly stop community activities without replacing plant sources.

The decision to include kratom plants as class 1 narcotics must also be supported by the Ministry of Health. “Not only one National Narcotics Agency data. The Minister of Health as a state representative is also required to provide information. If necessary, it is also supported by a decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia which states that kratom is dangerous, “he suggested.

Also, research related to the impact and danger of kratom is expected not only from one research institution. This is so there is objectivity. The reason, he said, in the United States alone is not prohibited. On the other hand, American society has become one of the biggest consumers of kratom and considers it a supplement if taken at the right dose.

Suriansyah suggested that kratom was only banned for consumption in the country, but could be exported. “For exports, it should be allowed and given regulations as long as the destination country does not prohibit circulation,” he said.

Kratom plants themselves are known as traditional medicinal plants. Citing the page of drug legal entities in the United States (US) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), kratom is also referred to by the name of multiply, Rigid, ithang, and Thom. The leaf with the Latin name Mitragyna speciosa is known as a purik or kratom leaf.

Apart from that, there are several other facts related to kratom in the land of Uncle Sam. America is the country with the largest kratom export destination, although there are several states banning kratom. In the state of New York, bars that provide kratom began to appear.

In this country, many kratom consumers (in powder or pill form) use it for opium dependency therapy. In that country, in 2017, more than 130 people died due to opium overdose every day.

In 2016, the US drug legal entity (DEA) announced to include kratom into narcotics group I and would not allow kratom to be used medically. But strong protests from users and some US senators made the department postpone its decision.

Pontianak is the main kratom trading post in Kalimantan, data from the post office shows that around 400 tons of kratom (dried leaves) are exported abroad each month. Its value is around 130 million US Dollars per year.

According to an AFP report, in the global market, kratom costs 30 US dollars per kilogram. This is equivalent to IDR 420 thousand at an exchange rate of IDR 14,000 per dollar.

The American Kratom Association says there are as many as five million Americans who use 

Kratom for sale and the number continues to grow. Customers usually get kratom through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram online store.

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