Keep It Organized: 6 Tips for Organizing Storage


Did you know that getting organized can help lower stress? If you want to learn how to get organized, we can help.

Storage Room Ideas

In this guide, we’ll go over tips for organizing storage.

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  1. Declutter Your Home

Before you begin packing, you’ll want to go through your home and get rid of duplicate items. Donate furniture or clothing that you don’t use anymore.

Broken equipment or old toys should get thrown out. Luggage or sports gear that you don’t need can get donated.

Your storage unit won’t get filled up with items you don’t use or need. Take the time to declutter before you pack.

  1. Make a List

When you put things in storage, in a few months, you might forget what you have. Bigger items like sofas or beds are easy to remember. Yet, items like pictures, electronics, and artwork can get forgotten.

To keep things straight, make a list of all the stuff in storage. As you pack items up, add each item to a spreadsheet.

You can also take pictures of stored items, so you remember what’s your storage unit. Save the descriptions and photos in one spot.

Learn more about what size storage unit you’ll need for your items.

  1. Use Clear Plastic Bins

Store all your items in clear bins when they’re in a storage unit. This way, you will have an easier time keeping track of what’s inside each container.

Buy clear containers instead of using opaque containers or cardboard boxes. You won’t need to dig through each box and waste time looking for something.

  1. Store Heavier Items in the Back

When you pack items inside your unit, begin with the heavier boxes and furniture. Put them at the back of the unit.

Heavy items should get stored on the bottom. This way, lighter boxes and things won’t get crushed. Also, you’ll create a stable level with heavier items.

  1. Put Items You Use Often in the Front

You might not use the items every day, but if you make trips to the storage unit, put them in the front. Make sure they are in clear and labeled bins. Put the containers in an easy-to-reach area near the door.

This way, you won’t have to spend time sorting through boxes each time you go to the unit.

  1. Label Everything

When you’re finished packing, you’ll want to label every box. Label boxes with printed labels or a permanent marker. Make sure the labeled part is facing the entrance of the unit so you can read it.

Consider Numbering each Box as Well.

Now You Know More About Organizing Storage Unit

We hope this guide on organizing storage was helpful. When you get ready to pack up a unit, make sure, you use clear containers and have an inventory list. Label every box and place heavier pieces on the bottom of the unit.

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