Julie Breaks Her Food Addiction With 4 Stone Loss


No greater motivation for losing weight exists than witnessing first hand the health implications being overweight brings with it. Julie was shocked into taking action against her expanding waistband after paying her parents a visit and seeing the assortment of medication they were obliged to take to keep the symptoms of their medical conditions under control. “My parents have high blood pressure and diabetes. I went to visit them some time ago and was dismayed to see the array of tablets they had to take to keep them well.”

The realisation that her own health problems could escalate if she did not do something about her weight convinced her to join our online Gi diet plan. “I have high blood pressure, I realised I would be in the same position as my parents shortly if I didn’t do something. A friend told me of the success of another friend who had used the plans so I decided to have a look.” Since joining the plan 7 months ago Julie has managed to lose an amazing 4 stone 2 lbs and has reduced her BMI from a borderline obese 29 to a healthy one of 23.

Like lots of individuals struggling with weight issues, her self esteem and social life suffered. “I was very unhappy before I lost weight. I was constantly tired and I stopped going out. Clothes shopping became a nightmare; the things I really wanted to wear looked awful on me. I mainly bought from catalogues so I could avoid going into a changing room.” Her confidence has soared as a result of the incredible progress she has made since registering with the online plan. She no longer cringes at the thought of shopping and has embraced her new lifestyle with enthusiasm. “I am so much happier now. I really enjoy shopping for new clothes, I feel so great when I wear figure hugging clothes. I never dreamt I would wear these types of clothes before and resigned myself to baggy outfits.

Now I have lost weight I feel I can do anything I put my mind to!” And what bad habits did Julie find the hardest to break? Breaking my addiction“ to bread was the hardest thing to do. I now understand why I ate it and what triggered my binging on it.” Julie ate up to 10 slices of bread per day and supplemented the void she was feeling from the lack of variety and balance in her diet by snacking on crisps and chocolate. Currently her diet is all about moderation and healthy eating. “I actually eat more foods now than I did previously. I have porridge for breakfast, fruit mid afternoon, a healthy sandwich for lunch, more fruit and a hearty meal of vegetables, pasta and chicken for dinner.” “I drink plenty of water, eat slowly and enjoy my food. I never really gave myself the opportunity to enjoy or taste the food I ate before.” Now Julie’s body has the time to adjust to her food intake which allows her the time to reach satiety without overeating. Physical activity has become an integral part of her life.

As well as helping to maintain her new figure, getting involved in sports has allowed her to make new friends and revitalise her social life. “Exercise has played a big part in my weight loss success. I love running and have recently ran in the Cancer Research 10 km run with my husband and step daughter. I joined the gym in July and love going there and meeting all my new friends.” A pivotal factor in Julie’s success was realising that there was always a source of support available to help her regain focus when it was waning. “When I got stuck the encouragement from the support team and weigh in comments replies helped to get me back on track again.” “I have got a new lease of life and as a result I know the weight will stay off. I love having more energy; I love what I’m eating! There is no way I will go back to my old habits!”

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