Intelligent Reasons Why Testing Asbestos on Your Own Isn’t Recommended!


Real estate prices have been on a flight recently. This encourages many homeowners to renovate their old properties in order to attract good paying customers. And many of these houses were built in the eighties or before that period. Unfortunately, often they get a nasty surprise when the house repair work starts.

The information about asbestos is common nowadays, and almost all homeowners know of it. That is why, as a precaution, you should opt for professional asbestos testing in Melbourne by Asbestos Australia. They have got the right resources and the accurate knowledge to detect the fibres, and also the means to tackle the situation correctly for you.

Professional asbestos testing v/s DIY kit!

Education has made a lot of people confident, and to such a great extent, that you are ready to play with danger by testing asbestos on your own. But we strongly recommend not to go for DIY kits for the same, and hire a professional instead. Reasons could be read below:

  • You can go wrong — Call it lack of experience or incomplete knowledge, but you can go wrong while testing for asbestos. Even if the kit you are using is great and you follow all the instructions rightly, but even a minor misstep here and there, and you could be risking your life. While the professionals show you accurate results and have got a bunch of experience and ample knowledge to do the needful.
  • You are risking your life — Do you even know asbestos mixes with air in a fraction of a second? And you would be actually inhaling the dangerous fibre if you are carrying out the test on your own? And imagine if you have everyone else at home, and they aren’t protected as properly as you are, won’t it be dangerous for them as well? Professionals have a specific uniform that they wear during the inspection, and they work rapidly in seconds. And they’ll never risk your life and your family’s by any act of neglect or ignorance.
  • You are actually wasting time and money — Testing asbestos requires searching the entire place. You’ll have to check behind the pipes, inside the window panes, above the roof and where not! You couldn’t manage that on your own. And even if you do, imagine the time you are wasting here. Plus, calling a professional may seem expensive and getting a testing kit cheap, but what if you are to repeat the procedure twice or thrice? Wouldn’t it extend the cost you’re estimating? Professionals, though charge a remuneration, but carry out the entire task responsibly, and do it all within the estimated time.
  • They’ll even dispose of the material for you — Most of the time, after successfully finishing the test, you’d be at a loss about what you should do next? Say, if you want to dispose of the stuff, you’ll have to hire some people to carefully seal and dispose of it. Again, this costs you a good amount. While professionals think of everything and have the materials sealed perfectly, and even dispose of it securely for you. 

Asbestos isn’t something that should be dealt with alone or by amateurs. It requires expert handling and dealing properly in order to avoid any kind of danger (at present or in the future). Better let the experts deal with the issue and stay safe! 

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