Instant Smile Makeovers


Your face is your identification, and an attractive one adds charm to your personality. Most of the men wish for a muscular jawline to look handsome, while women adopt several measures to make their smile pleasing. Teeth play a significant role in maintaining the structure of the face, and poor oral habits can decay them. It not only affects your beauty but also has an adverse impact on your health. Thus, it is necessary to care for teeth and have regular check-ups from dentists. 

Emergency Dentist

Dental problems are often observed in kids and elderly people, however, it doesn’t mean youngsters are not affected by them. Cavities, the gap between teeth, tooth decay, cracked teeth, gum sores, jaw cancer, are some of the major dental problems, that if not treated immediately can prove dangerous to health. There may be a situation where you need teeth implants or oral surgery. Well, if proper care is taken, you can have shiny white good-looking teeth. But if there is an accidental injury or genetic problem, then dental implants become necessary. Here are some DIY methods and procedures to treat dental problems.

Bad Breath and Yellow Teeth

It may be surprising, but if you don’t brush before and after sleep, you are inviting more than 700 bacteria to decay your teeth. Proper and regular brushing of teeth removes bad breath, eliminates disease-causing bacteria and whitens teeth. However, some individuals don’t find the right toothpaste and toothbrush according to their teeth type. Consultation from a certified dentist will give you the correct answer on how to whiten teeth. With the correct tooth whitening kit and adequate tools, you will get fast results, and you know longer have to worry about yellow teeth. Most of the dentists have procedures that whiten your teeth in hours. Serious injuries like broken teeth, sensitive gums, cavity problems require observation from experts.

Repair Cracked Teeth

Kids love chocolates, sweets, sugary juices, but if not taken in a regulated amount, they cause cavities and create holes in teeth. Often while playing kids broke or cracked their teeth. The solution to these problems is dental bonding. Most people ask to describe the procedure of dental bonding to know if it is safe or not. Dental bonding uses a special material, i.e. resin. The dentist closely examines your teeth and looks at areas that require treatment. The surface is then roughened, and tooth-colored resin is filled in teeth. After that, he/she uses a special light to harden and mold the material to give it a perfect shape. Anesthesia may be required in case of sensitive gums. Dental bonding can be used to change the shape of teeth, to fill the gap between teeth and improve teeth appearance.

Damaged Teeth Roots

Sensitive gums cannot hold the teeth, and it becomes painful to eat any solid food. When the roots of teeth are damaged, the last solution is to remove your teeth and implant new ones. Like resins are used to repair cracked teeth, porcelain material is used to make dentures. They look like natural teeth, and you may find that your smile is more attractive then it was before. One can choose between endosteal teeth implants or subperiosteal plants as per their needs. Dental implants avoid bone loss and are a lasting solution. Many individuals avoid visiting the dentist because they cannot tolerate the pain and feel uncomfortable. But, if these problems are not treated, it could result in unbearable pain. Now, there are painless treatments available; all you need is to consult the dentist. Many dentists charge based on cost per tooth, which is affordable and does not impact your teeth. DIY methods have pros and cons, but a professional dentist will give you the optimal solution for your teeth problems.

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