Important Questions to Ask a Plasterer


A plasterer’s role is significant if you wish to resurface a wall or a part of the ceiling or finish a decorative piece. But you cannot blindly hire a plasterer with a mere phone call. You are supposed to do the background research, ask in-depth questions, and seek elaborate answers about the plastering job and the company. 

If you are confused about how to start searching and which questions to ask the plasterer, here are the important ones we have sorted out for you. 

  • What is your specialization in plastering services? 

Plastering is of two types – wet and dry. Which one do you want and whether the plastering company specializes in the same or not – these two questions are important to ask the concerned person? Ornamental plastering and gib stopping in Auckland require dexterous hands, and you should not compromise by hiring a plasterer offering generic services. Hence, ask this question during the shortlisting process or set a filter in your internet search.

  • What is the number of years of experience and expertise you have? 

Experience matters and is a vital parameter to consider while hiring any home renovation contractor, including a plasterer. The more experienced a plasterer, the more excellent work you can expect from him. The best way to know a company’s experience level is to check its official website, social media handles, and overall online presence. If this is not visible, you can ask them directly for substantial evidence. A genuine contractor will be more than happy to share their experience and expertise with you. 

  • Can you provide a written, detailed quote for the proposed plastering project? 

House owners forget this critical factor and end up having an estimate and not a detailed quote. If you have a highly detailed and big project, then a quote is mandatory. You are supposed to check the breakdown of all material costs, labor costs, and other charges. Quotes from multiple contractors are necessary for comparison and finalizing the best one. The best quote is not the lowest quote, but the one that aligns with your budget and provides a perfect outcome. 

  • Do you have any client testimonials or past work done? 

The shortlisting process is incomplete without checking the online reviews of previous customers. You can check the work completed for previous clients by the contractor, go ahead. It is the best way to know how efficiently they complete a plastering project and whether the client is happy with their work standards. 

  • How much do you charge? 

Before you even ask for quotes, you can ask about the basic plastering charges. This essential step will give you a fair idea of whether you should further discuss with the plasterer and convey your requirements. 

So, acquaint yourself with plastering projects before you finalize the right one. 

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