How To Get Rid Of Cellulite With Coffee


Ladies this is for you! Turns out coffee is not only delicious but it also has other useful benefits such as decreasing cellulite infected areas in the body. How cool is that? No more going to a spa and getting scrub treatments that will turn your hips blue and your body soar. A small easy-to-make recipe is the solution to all our problems. They say drinking water prevents cellulite from feasting on your thighs and it is. But if you just started drinking a lot of water hoping that those areas would just disappear then I got bad news for you.

Coffee For Cellulite

No worries. We have two words for you and both start with the letter C. C for Coffee and C for Caffeine. One of the ways in which I’m trying to get rid of the cellulite is by drinking a minimum of 1 and a half liters of water per day and by walking for about an hour every morning before work and school. The walking part is effective in that it boosts your morale for the day but also strengthens your thighs, arms, legs and more. It’ll also give you energy and get you going for the day. After all this though, I’m still suffering from cellulite because let’s face it sitting in a classroom all day or in an office without work out or movement will cut off your blood circulation in the respective areas and create these wrinkle-like areas on your body.

Coffee Grounds And Olive Oil

I recently stumbled upon a recipe that got rid of these areas in a matter of months. It sounds long but it’s definitely worth it. It includes some coffee grounds, olive oil and some plastic wrap. What you should do is simply add microwaved coffee grounds and mix them with warm olive oil so they would make a paste. The coffee grounds shouldn’t be scolding hot just warm so put them in the microwave for just 30 seconds. Once you create the mix, rub onto the cellulite infected areas in order for the blood to circulate again. In order to intensify the treatment, you may choose to wrap the mixture after rubbing it with plastic wrap. You should leave it for 15 minutes at least before showering. For measurements you need to decide how much coffee you’ll need depending on the size of the areas. As per the olive oil, I recommend you keep adding and stirring until you have a paste. You will find results in a matter of a month, however the big change is going to be the result of regular 2 to 3 times a week treatments for several months. Make sure the coffee you’re using is caffeinated as caffeine is the most important ingredient in the recipe.

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