How To Approach The Problem Of Low Back Pain


Chronic Pain is usually a problem easily solved through exercise, rest and a healthy diet. This pain is not capable of killing you. Yet doctors are sedating pain through methods proven to be fatal relief. Figuring out a remedy to chronic back pain takes time and the pain can be unbearable. During the process one is faced with many difficult decisions. The remedies supplied by those dealing in modern medicine aren’t making it easier. Often people experience sciatic/sciatica nerve pain and just want it fixed. We’ll do whatever it takes with little concern of the procedure. With the amount of funding provided towards our medical field we should expect guidance down a healthy path. Or at least not be provided resources causing more disease. A prime example of this today is the use of medicine and procedures to conceal chronic lower upper back pain. More specifically, the administering of various painkillers and Epidural Steroid Injection’s proven to cause sickness, crippling, addiction, and death.

Low Back Pain

Recently Karen Remley, the State Health Commissioner of Virginia, sent out a letter to various clinics in the area distributing EPI’s. In this letter she begins by informing physicians of an outbreak treatment of fungal meningitis in patients who have received EPI’s. She practically states it as a direct correlation to the injection. Meningitis is an infection to the membrane around spinal cord or brain. Symptoms include severe headaches, fever or chills, stiff neck/neck pain, and photophobia. Due to the proximity to the brain and spinal cord, the inflammation of this membrane can be fatal. She then asks they contact patients who have received these injections informing them on possible side effects and necessary action. She proceeds by telling them what these side effects were as of October, which was when the letter was sent. In this report were 18 cases of fungal meningitis already developing, and one death included. This was in Virginia and West Virginia alone. She states, “Other cases are under investigation and Virginia’s numbers will increase.”

A preliminary descriptive management report of these cases is also attached in this letter giving information on common symptoms. Which were experienced from 4-27 days after receiving an injection. They later connected this outbreak of meningitis to a pharmaceutical company by the name of New England Compounding Company. They claim to have gotten a contaminated batch of the drug. Troubling questions come to mind with this whole ordeal. For instance, weren’t sufficient tests done on the effects of this medication? Are all medications just distributed so much they simply overlook sampling a few? This just didn’t make sense. And I don’t mean their story. I do believe a contaminated portion of the medicine could have existed. Where it doesn’t make sense is how these companies generate billions of dollars in the pharmaceutical trade. They are given government funding through our taxes and hard work. In turn they should have the decency of at least testing medications before distributing them to the masses. This led me to do further research.

I found out that this recent outbreak of NECC happened around September. It caused 13,000 people to be at risk of contracting meningitis and over 15 deaths have been a result. These cases came from over 23 states. And was not the first. It was reported that 78 reports of complications came in. 30 resulting in stroke and 13 resulting in death. There have been multiple outbreaks of spinal meningitis attributed to EPI’s in prior years, practically since they were invented. There are even worse complications than spinal meningitis that may occur such as blood clots, seizures, and even cardiac arrest usually just through misplaced needles. Yet this procedure continues with seemingly the same negative results. It seems to me that too much trust and credit is given to our medical field. It is deemed too much of a necessity and part of that is our faults. We simply “follow the doctors orders”. Statistics have proven that we second-guess this ideology. 30,000 deaths from unnecessary procedures occur on average per year. Along with 16,500 people dying every year from the use of over-the-counter drugs like Advil and over 100,000 dying every year from prescription drugs.

Dangers of Medication

This brings up another good point on the topic of the dangers of medication.  Doctors prescribe drugs that are deemed illegal on the streets to patients as long as they or their insurance pays for it. These drugs have the same effects as heroin, at times, and are cut with compounds that are worse for you than pure heroin. Many patients have reported the use of painkillers to cause a sense of dependency on the drug. They have feelings of restlessness while taking proper dosage. This can very easily lead to patients using more frequently. This is least on a long list of addiction symptoms provided by these drugs. As with most drugs they eventually stop working. Thus causing pain to return and a dosage to increase. So why is there not a healthier solution encouraged? It seems that when dealing with chronic back pain, your MD may not be your best choice.


Luckily we have chiropractors that are actually interested in rehabilitating your back. Rather than, risking insufficiently tested products on it. Kevin B. Friedman, MD did a test on doctors in the orthopedic field on musculoskeletal medicines and 82% failed. When the test was repeated 4 years later 78% failed. Isn’t it funny insurance companies so often don’t provide coverage for visits to the chiropractor. I’ve been to three doctors who immediately prescribed me painkillers such as Vicodin and Tramadol. Obviously my case wasn’t as bad as most. But when I went to the chiropractor he took out a book and showed me what was wrong with my spine. He then showed me a set of simple exercises that took three minutes out of my day and could be done physically anywhere. I noticed that this combined with good rest and stretching healed my pain in less than 2 months.

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