How Much Does Loft Boarding Cost? A Price Guide


There’s going to be a ghost in your loft. That is, your loft will be a ghost of its former self after you board it. Thankfully, your loft boarding cost won’t be through the roof.

Loft Boarding Cost

For a guide to the prices, you should expect for loft boarding to minimize costs, check out this article.

Loft Boarding’s Not Expensive

While you may think that loft boarding’s some pricey operation, you’d be mistaken.  Of course, the cost to board a loft varies due to different factors. There are ranges of prices that you can expect in certain situations.

DIY boarding often uses 18mm chipboard. A 2400m x 600mm sheet of that will run you about $13. An insulation board will cost you about $26 per sheet.  If you don’t do it yourself, the price will be determined by the amount of boarding and how it’s installed. The average loft will take 50 square feet of flooring. Counter-batten flooring’s price could be around $735, while fancier methods can go for above $1300.

Factors Affecting Loft Boarding Cost

The first and primary factor affecting the cost of boarding a loft is its original condition. The better the condition it starts in, the less expensive it’ll be to board it. 

The materials used for boarding affect the price too. Although there isn’t a large range of prices, natural materials cost more. With materials, you get what you pay for.  As you’d imagine, the bigger the loft, the pricier it is to board. However, you don’t have to board the whole thing.  Rather, you can pay for insulation then board the rest later if you really want to do so. It’s initially not cheap to insulate the entire loft, but doing so saves you money later on heating bills.  Another factor that could increase the price of loft boarding is extras. A staircase to the access point, for example, and other extras can inflate your final bill.

How to Save on Loft Boarding

You shouldn’t be dismayed by the price of the factors explained above. If you are, the good news is that you have more ways to save money.  Like by cleaning your loft in advance. Before boarding it, clean it by removing any debris. Ask your contractor what can and can’t be reused in your loft to save up to $400.  The insulation mentioned above may not be cheap, but the additional good news is that you can do it yourself. Lay the insulation yourself to save up to $500 on labor. Be sure to wear gloves while doing so.

A Lofty Loft at a Low Price

Loft boarding can turn an empty, nearly useless space into a valuable, efficient storage haven. In these times, you may be deterred by the loft boarding cost, but as you can see, there’s no need to be.  With some smart choices and gumption, you can affordably board that loft of yours. For more affordable home improvement advice, browse the Home section of the site.

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