Must-Do Home Inspection Maintenance Jobs Before The Winter Season Arrives


The fall season is the ideal time of the year when most home maintenance projects start to take off. Since the weather tends to be nicer, insects also appear to be less aggressive and such a process helps in building the house for the long winter season ahead. 

It should be realized that defects can arise at any time and the same can only be avoided by performing regular maintenance schedules and staying ahead of any issues so that no emergency problem takes place. Therefore, we are listing some of the must-to-do home inspection maintenance tasks, especially during the fall season. 

Maintenance Tasks To Perform During The Fall Season

  • Checking For Loose & Cracked Paint

After your home has experienced a blistering, long summer season, it can be possible that the exterior paint of your home might show bubbles, cracks or even flakes. Professional home inspector in Glynn states that even though it can be normal for paint coatings to wear out over time, the overall damage will leave the wood totally exposed as well as vulnerable to the external weathering elements. 

Times like these are when you need to take the extra step and thereby remove the damaged paint. Once done, proceed to give another coat of new paint. 

  • Cleaning Down Spouts & Gutters

No homeowner out there likes to clean his or her home gutters, but that doesn’t mean that you should be overlooking the maintenance aspect of the same. If you don’t maintain your downspouts & gutters, then the entire drainage system of your home will suffer as a result. Over time tree leaves, small twigs and other debris will get accumulated inside your roof gutters. 

Such is the reason why homeowners should always clean out gutters and thereby replace any loose, rusted or missing fasteners, especially when the weather is not hostile. Moreover, you can also invest in gutter guards to efficiently keep out any possible debris in the long term. 

  • Improving Home Insulation

Since the winter season is fast approaching, it can be a good time to upgrade your interior home insulation system. If your home has inferior insulation set up, then heat can easily escape through the attic or the ceiling. As a result, your room heaters have to work harder than ever before because some amount of heat is getting lost due to poor insulation.

Ultimately, your overall monthly electricity bills will increase as a result, leading to wastage of energy and money. Unless you want that to happen, it’s better to upgrade your home’s insulation measures.

We hope that you liked our in-depth guide and in case you need any additional assistance for home inspection needs, then simply reach out to us.  

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