Decorating or Disaster? Why Hiring an Interior Designer Might Be the Best Choice


Renovations are popular for homeowners with one survey showing that 90% of homeowners plan to remodel at some point. Those renovations will come soon for 39% of homeowners who say they’ll renovate within the next year.

When you get the bug to remodel, you might be tempted to dive in and design it yourself. Before you start taking down old wallpaper or picking paint swatches, consider why you might want to hire an interior designer to help. 

Check out these benefits of leaving your home interior design to professionals.

Save Time

When you’re planning your home remodel, you might not know where to start. What needs to be changed and what planning goes into those changes? Do you need permits to do the work?

An interior designer understands current trends and classic design principles that make it easier for them to create a modern interior design plan for your home. They don’t have to spend time researching before jumping into the plan since they already have a strong foundation in renovation and design.

When you hire an interior designer, that person takes on your project completely. If you do it yourself, you’ll likely have to fit in the renovations around your work schedule and other responsibilities. That can extend the project timeline significantly when you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the project.

Your interior designer handles the design quickly and keeps the project on track. You can enjoy your newly refinished space a lot faster when you use a pro.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Hiring an interior design professional adds to your overall costs, but it can save you money on your project. Doing things on your own could result in costly mistakes.

A professional knows all of the potential issues for everything from the kitchen to bedroom interior design. Your interior designer can suggest options that will work well for your space and help you avoid things that won’t work.

For example, you might want a large piece of custom-made furniture that fits your design vision perfectly. An interior designer might recognize that the piece is too large, won’t fit in the door, and will overpower the space. 

They can also help keep you on budget. Designers have a good sense of what different renovation projects and materials will cost, so they can advise you on a plan that matches your style and stays within your budget.

You can also get more value out of your home with a professional design. If you’re planning to sell anytime soon, having a professionally designed home interior can get you more from the sale.

Get a Cohesive Design That Fits Your Style

With so many interior design styles, it can be difficult to narrow down what you want. Even if you know you love cozy farmhouse or streamlined modern interior design, creating a plan that works together perfectly can be more difficult than you realize.

You can find resources online like these tips on for designing your living room layout. However, your interior designer can help you bring those ideas to life and put them into practice easily. 

Your designer can help you refine your style and choose elements that fit with that style. They’ll have unique ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

No matter what your style, your interior designer creates a customized design made just for your home. It makes your space truly unique instead of just being a carbon copy of something you see online.

Enjoy Full Access to Expertise

You can look at a space you love in a magazine or on Pinterest, but recreating it yourself can be a challenge. If you’re designing it on your own from scratch, putting together elements that work well can be difficult.

An interior designer brings full expertise on what works and what doesn’t. They not only make the space look beautiful, but they also ensure it flows well and is highly functional for your family.

The best designers stay current on decorating trends, so they’re able to create a space that looks modern and appealing. Yet they also focus on longevity, creating a design for you that won’t be out of style in a few years.

Reduce Your Stress

Coordinating a design and renovation all on your own comes with plenty of decisions, scheduling, and juggling. While the end result will be stunning, it’s quite stressful during the work phase.

You might find yourself especially stressed if you start the design plans and find yourself in over your head. Without interior design expertise, it can be difficult to plan everything and express to your contractors exactly what you want.

An interior designer does the design work for you to reduce your stress. They can also help manage the process to take work off your plate. You can go on with your life while a professional handle the renovations.

Get Access to Industry Connections

If you handle the work on your own, you’ll also have to find contractors for all projects you hire out. You need contractors who are experienced, properly insured, and capable of doing your job well. You could spend many hours doing the research to find just one contractor for one part of the remodel.

Interior designers have industry connections. They can recommend trusted contractors for different types of remodeling projects. This gives you access to reliable contractors without doing the research yourself.

Your designer also serves as a liaison between you and your contractors. They’ll work with the various vendors and contractors to explain the project in detail. They also handle any problems that arise with those contractors. 

Designers often have connections with different vendors that aren’t available to the general public. Your designer could have connections to make custom furniture for space or find unique fabric options that are only available to professionals. You often have more options for materials and pieces because of the industry connections your designer has.

When you hire an interior designer, you get full access to expertise in designing a beautiful home. The finished project looks perfectly put together with a magazine-worthy style.

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