Here’s Why You Need to have a Photo booth At Your Wedding!


Some days are just special to us and we want it to be perfect in every sense. Such is the wedding day! Wedding day always hold a special place in our heart. We plan our wedding day from a very young age and thus when the day finally arrives; we want it to be perfect to every little detail. We plan your wedding in such a way that it is nothing short of a fairy tale.

Cause, on this one day, we really want to own the limelight. For different people, the concept of a perfect wedding can be very diverse. To some a perfect wedding can be a lavish, fairy tale like wedding while to the others, a very private wedding with just the close friends and family spells out perfect. No matter how you want your wedding to be, one thing is universal, all of you would want your wedding party to be fun and phenomenal! For adding some quirkiness, you can go for wedding photo booth hire in London. Occasions Photobooth, based in London, provides you with affordable, convenient and quick photo booth hire.

Various reasons to have photo booth at your wedding:

If you want your wedding party to have some edge over the other parties you have attended, you need to come up with different ideas on how you can give it that extra something. You need to keep in mind that people enjoy crazy and fun. No one would want to stay back at a party that’s lifeless. You can easily add that fun element with the help of photo booth hire. Here are the reasons why you should go for it:

  • Fun: The simple reason that is itself big enough to make you go for this is photo booths are plain fun. They are quirky and define everything that fun would look like! They quickly form the centre of attention of the party as people can make some crazy memories. All the props and posters and crazy backgrounds can create some epic pictures. They are mainly a sort of comical relief to the party. People, who are not really into dancing, can spend their great deal of time in here and not feel left out. Moreover, what’s a wedding album without some crazy pictures of your loved ones?
  • Guestbook: Leaving the entertainment part, they are a great way of making memories. Some photo booth services come with the amazing option of guest book where the customer will be given two printed copy of the shots taken. One copy will be given to the guest in the shot and the other will go into a guestbook! Imagine having an entire book of crazy and fun pictures which you can cherish throughout your life!
  • Gives flavour to the party: We all have been to wedding parties where we have been handed a small bag of boring goodies as a token of appreciation. There is no point in repeating the same thing at your wedding when you already know how the guests feel about it. Do something out of the box for your wedding! With the help of the photo booths you can give your guests a personalized picture with the date of the wedding and the bride and the groom’s name printed at the bottom. Give them something that they can cherish for life! It even brings people together and the guests can even take pictures with their group of friends for some weird yet fun memories. So, photo booths add that flavour of unity and fun to the wedding party.

If you want your guests to remember your wedding party, this is the best way to do that. Photo booths are not only exciting but are a great way to keep your guests entertained.


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