Helpful Tips To Choose Your Exterior Paint Colour!


It’s time to finally bring a pleasant change to your home. And when you first think of a makeover involving paints, it may feel that this as an easy task for you! Just choose a good colour, bring the right tools and set a schedule to paint the area you desire to look new! Easy, isn’t it? And when you actually get going, the excitement slowly turns into sour stress that can actually damage the whole idea of your home transformation! You may even end up quitting midway, keeping your home looking the same gloomy and dull! 

But this can be managed easily when you transfer the time consuming and tough work of painting to good companies providing exterior painters in Auckland like Total Paints. They’ll ensure you get the best finished exterior walls within your budget with guaranteed perfection. Now that the labour is taken care of, why not choose the best colour palette to suit your sweet home? But the choices available online would drop you in another dilemma! It becomes entirely confusing to select the best looking colour from millions of amazing looking shades.

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your House

Exteriors are essential. The house exterior can make or break the first impression of your home. It definitely influences the curb appeal. That is why the shades you choose for it should be done with care and consideration. Never get overwhelmed by the choices available and pick a random shade for your home. Follow the below mentioned points and get the best paint job done for your home exteriors!

  • Make use of technology— Life isn’t that tough after the invention of latest applications on your smartphone. You can easily decide the most suitable colour for your home exterior by checking it on the online websites and home decor apps. These allow you to click a picture of your exterior walls, and get them virtually painted with all the shades available online. You can browse the thousands of shades available, and then decide the best one for you, that would look magnificent in your home’s outer wall.
  • Consider your landscape — Even your landscape may help you decide the best shade for your exteriors. Whether it’s a basic garden area built with bricks or sandstones or a luxurious one with tiled or marble effect, or it has numerous coloured flowers or just a stretch of lawn – all of these factors affect your colour choice, or should that is! You can select a paint that goes well with your landscape.
  • Check for inspiration — The Internet is filled with trillions of inspirational pictures of exterior home decor ideas for your reference. You can actually take your own sweet time and view them all to decide which of them you like or looks similar to your home. Who knows, you’ll actually end up having a home just out of a home decor magazine in this way!
  • Try to go for two tones— You need not go for a dramatic single shade for your exterior! Even contrasting the colour with a lighter or darker shade on borders, trims or certain specific areas would look awesome. Or you can decide for any other double tone which would complement each other well and look wonderful on your exteriors.
  • Seek a second opinion — It is not everyday you paint your walls! That is why being very confident about your colour choice is important. If you think you alone couldn’t manage to take the decision, you can always contact your trusted person for a second opinion. And if your painting company offers a free consultation of the same, it would be all the more helpful. Though, the final choice would be yours alone, but they’ll explain to you the various factors that can impact the way your chosen colour would look on your home. Their expertise and experience would be very helpful in this process of choosing the best shade for your home exterior. 

Choosing a perfect colour of your home becomes a slightly less difficult task if you follow the above tips and try to find the most suitable one for your home. But, again, finding the best painting company is essential too. If your shade is excellent and the application isn’t proper, you won’t even get the results you desire. Therefore, to get your home look dreamy and just as perfect as you want, pick your choice wisely and patiently, and choose the best painting services to carry out the task for you!

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