Healthy Food Tips for Children and Family Health


As a parent it can be pretty exhausting when your kids end up getting poorly; sometimes it is inevitable but we do try and minimise the number of times it happens throughout the year. After all, it can end up tarnishing special days (you’ll understand this if you have spent Christmas morning holding up a bucket) or even putting your own job at risk when you need to take time for care of your sick child. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to ward off illness altogether, but I do find it helps when we make an active effort to stay healthy as a family. If you are interested in what we do, you might find some of my ideas helpful for your own household. Read on to see how you can keep your own kids healthy over the winter.

Healthy Living Tips

Make “five-a-day” a rule

The health officials in the UK often speak of the importance of getting five servings of fruit and vegetables each day. Whilst it can be tempting to serve up a quick evening meal of chicken nuggets and chips, this isn’t really going to help with meeting the quota. We do try and do home cooked meals as regularly as possible, but when we do need to rely on the freezer we will at least have some peas and sweetcorn too. I do find that plenty of vegetables helps to keep all of our immune systems up.

Keep the house clean

Areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are the most important to keep clean at all times, though especially when you have kids. I use it to keep the counters clean as well as doing the kitchen bin from time to time as this can be a bacteria hotspot. We also rely on bleach for the toilets, and using bathroom disinfectant at home for everything else helps to keep the germs at bay. It’s a good thing to do a bit more cleaning when one person in the family is ill as it can help to reduce the chance of it spreading to someone else.


It is amazing how much washing hands can make a difference to the chances of getting poorly. We wash our hands before every meal, and have antibacterial gels and wipes that we use when in public places. Teach your kids to wash their hands properly and it is a lesson that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Stay active

Many people like staying indoors in the winter, but we try and stay active even when it is cold. In facts, we embrace it so much that we will often be down at the skating rink on the weekend, or on the indoor ski slope for the odd treat. Swimming is always a popular activities/games in our household, just make sure everyone has dry hair before you go back outdoors.

Get the flu jab

Finally, you might want to consider the flu jab for your kids. You can get more information about this from your local GP as they will let you know about the potential risks and benefits. However it is often recommended for children as they are more vulnerable when it comes to getting complications.

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