Garage Floor Epoxy In Gold Coast


What Do You Mean by Garage Floor Epoxy?

Unlike regular paint that has to be very dry, epoxy is different. An exothermic curing process is started when the two parts of certain chemicals are mixed. This curing process produces fine polymer structures that are closed in result of a reaction giving epoxy its superior strength and best in class durability. In the end you are left with a coating that is much thicker than paint and looks premium. Also it handles all the tough torture a car/motorcycle would summon upon it. In Gold Coast, it is your best bet when it comes to your garage.

Where Can You Find Floor Epoxy Companies in Gold Cost?

There are a lot of companies who provide you professional service while installing epoxy floors in your garage.  Companies such as “Toughfloors” and “Epoxy flooring Gold Coast” ensure you just the quality service which will put a smile on your face.

A general two-car garage of an average size of 500 square feet will set you back by $2000 approx. It all depends on the size of your garage, suppose you have a larger garage, then you can expect to pay a few thousands more.

What Are the Pros?

They are durable and super robust  

Epoxy garage floors are exceptionally strong and durable, so they can withstand almost every heavy equipment and machinery and high traffic. The epoxy coating is also very tough against all kinds of impacts, chemicals, cracks, surface abrasions, etc. You will forget having to worry about dropping your heavy tools or applying too much pressure to your floor.

No moisture and very less stain

Gold Coast is a humid area for sure. An epoxy coating is by default moisture and stain-resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of garage floors be it residential or commercial. It’s highly resistant to water or petrochemical spills. Anything that happens to fall on your epoxy floor can be easily wiped up with general soap and water. So, you cut down on maintenance costs indirectly. Stains are also not very sticky on these types of floors.

Healing Properties it holds 

For all kinds of commercial floors that are stained or damaged, an epoxy coating is a splendid way to repair your existing floor. It is because the epoxy coatings deliver an even, polished finish that will cover up any marks and damages on your floor. And in return giving you a smooth finishing of your garage floor, which will make you stand out of other garages in Gold Coast.

You can get creative with the design options

Epoxy coatings are more than just great for existing and new garage floors. On one hand, you can design whatever design you would like for your garage. On the other hand, you can also create various logos that may suit your garage, if it’s commercial. There is various software which lets you do just that.

Hassle-free installation

Garage floor epoxy in Gold Coast is really quick and simple to install, so you never really have to shut down your production for installation. You can just chill with your daily routine and work as usual while the team responsible will come and do their job just like that.

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