Fun Ways To Get Your Body Fit With Paddle boards


Fitness can have different meanings for different people. Sometimes fitness can be exciting for some while it can be boredom for others. Getting fit includes eating healthy and exercising regularly. But, what if you could do the same just by doing your favorite hobby during your free time every day? Brilliant, right? That’s where SUP boarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding comes in. 

Unless you didn’t know, SUP boarding is considered to be one of the most popular full-body workout regimes that you can follow. The procedure works all of the muscles in your body and you not only get to exercise but also bask in the beautiful natural views and sounds. 

Methods To Use Paddleboards To Up Your Fitness

  • Paddling At A High Intense Rate

It should be noted that the quantity of calories that you’ll generally burn while using a paddleboard is quite dependent on your intensity level. The faster and harder your paddle stroke frequency is, the better the workout will be. You can expect your high-intense workout to burn at least 1,000 calories per session. 

The workout length could range between fifteen to thirty minutes, depending upon your preferences. You also have the option to perform a mixture of a high and low-intensity paddle exercise for your workout schedule. For instance, you can perform a low-intensity workout for fifteen minutes and then perform a high-intensity workout for the other fifteen minutes. 

  • Yoga With SUP

Even though you might think SUP yoga to be a calming exercise, it’ll still make your body workout in a great manner without any issues. You can burn around 500 calories per hour by performing energetic yoga. Some examples include power yoga and hot yoga.

  • Crossfit SUP

Crossfit can be defined as a very well-known high-intensity workout regime that incorporates different elements from various exercises and sports. In this workout, we will be combining the Crossfit routine along with paddleboarding. 

If you want to lose your body weight fast and thereby get tons, there’s no better way to do it than Crossfit SUP. A well-placed three-day schedule every week should be enough for the same. You’ll be able to burn more than 1500 calories each session. Example:

  • Doing ten minutes of paddling for warm-up
  • Ten sit-ups
  • Ten push-ups
  • Ten box jumps
  • Doing five minutes of high-intensity paddling 
  • Ten rope jumps
  • Ten lunges
  • Doing five minutes of high-intensity paddling
  • Repeat the process two to three times

From that above-mentioned list of options, we highly suggest practicing the one that suits the best for your body. Not everyone has the same energy levels to pull off a high-intensity workout. We hope you liked our guide and if you have queries, let us know. 

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