Fact Check: Will CBG Get You High?


While you may have been familiar with the deftly-popular CBD products that flooded the market some years back, the newest cannabis trend might be new to you. CBG, short for cannabigerol, is the new hot product on the market.

Hemp producers have been working overtime to create strains that rank high in CBG and low in THC.

If you’re new to CBG products, you may be curious or even confused about how they work. Does CBG get you high? What are the effects, uses, and benefits? There’s a lot that you might feel you need to learn.

That’s why we’re here to help. Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about CBG effects. 

What Is CBG?

CBG is a cannabinoid that stems from the cannabis plant. As you have already likely assumed, this is indeed the same plant that produces both marijuana and CBD products. 

CBG is something of a cutting-edge cannabinoid creation, with researchers deeply interested in its uses and how it might play a role in the future of cannabis. 

Much like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid strain that does not feature much THC, the key element of marijuana. In fact, CBD and CBG have a whole lot in common.

Neither are psychoactive, which means that they shouldn’t get you high. We’ll dive more into this in a moment. 

They also both have certain beneficial properties, such as their antioxidation and their ability to work as anti-inflammatory aids. However, CBG might just end up having even more benefits and uses than CBD did.

Why? It turns out that CBG could also be antibacterial. That means it could be useful in fighting against a whole wealth of different infectious diseases. In addition, there seem to be potential digestive benefits to CBG. 

Those who suffer from Crohn’s disease or struggle with inflammatory bowels might benefit from the use of CBG flower products. In addition, there’s a chance that CBG might even be useful in our fight against cancer, though research is still being done to see to what extent.

Does CBG Get You High?

In short, no! There is no such thing as a CBG high.

CBG is similar to CBD products in that it does not contain THC, or at the very least, trace amounts. When someone smokes marijuana, it is the THC in the product that produces the sensation and effects of getting high.

As CBG does not contain CBD, there is really no risk of getting high when you take these kinds of products. 

CBG comes in many different forms. Like CBD and marijuana, it is possible to smoke and/or vape it. CBG actually has been found to hit smoother when smoked than CBD and marijuana, making it a more enjoyable experience.

As far as the feeling of ingestion itself, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice a difference between using CBD products and using CBG products. While CBD mainly operates with receptors in the brain, CBG seems to respond well with other bodily systems.

This is where many of the benefits of CBG arise from. 

Benefits of CBG

There are many reasons why someone might consider taking CBG products. Some are similar to the benefits associated with CBD and even medical marijuana. For example, these products all can help with chronic pain and anxiety.

Some benefits, on the other hand, are unique to CBG. For example, the aforementioned antibacterial advantages that we mentioned. While studies are still ongoing, testing has seemed to indicate that CBG might be able to fight a number of diseases.

This is certainly not something that can be said about marijuana and CBD. 

The digestive benefits of CBG are still being explored as well. All cannabis products seem to help with inflammation. However, CBG products seem exclusively suited to help inflammation within the digestive system.

If inflammation is brought down in the gut, the mucosal defense barrier can work at a better level of operation. This will allow health, natural digestion to occur and pain and discomfort to be lessened.

CBG products also might be the key to linking cannabis and cancer. Cannabis has long thought to be an aid in fighting this most nefarious of diseases, and CBG products are now on the cutting edge of modern research.

CBG can help fight the growth of tumors, making it especially helpful in instances of breast cancer and similar maladies.

Is CBG Safe?

Like with many cannabis products, there is a certain nervousness that tends to percolate around their use. At this time, there does not seem to be any indication that CBG is unsafe.

Cannabigerol does not have a history of provoking side effects from its users. As it is non-intoxicating, there also does not seem to be any link to addiction.

At this time, it is not recommended that any person mix CBG products with prescription medication. Testing has not been done to explore what the outcome of this type of mixture might be.

Taken alone, however, there should be no safety issues. You should just ensure you are buying from a certified seller.

Understanding CBG Effects

If you’re new to the wide world of CBG, you might be curious: does CBG get you high? The answer is no, but the above information can help you understand the many details surrounding CBG use. It might just be the kind of product you could really use.

Need more cannabis advice and information? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

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